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I worked the early polls the last 3 days here in NC. I live in the bible belt of NC.

One of our poll workers a black woman voted while she was here on the first day of early voting. I was checking in people on the computer to give them an ATV form so they could get a ballot to vote. When I pulled up her name she had two entries showing and yet only one where I could give her a ballot. The reason why she had two entries was she had recently changed her designation from Democrat to Independent voter. So the original showed Democrat. No ballot could be given except under her Independent status. Interestingly enough I talked with her a different day and she told me there was a lot of cheating in the last election. I assume she voted for Trump before this election and she decided only recently after seeing what is happening in the Democrat party that she can no longer be a Dem. I might add she brought her bible with her to read while she worked the very slow polls.... this election is just local for mayors and town boards. With only 10 towns in this county there were only 15 total voters who came out to vote at the one stop polls for my county in 3 days. And yet our polls are open until Oct 30 th. A pitiful waste of money if you ask me. But that is a whole nuther topic.

Yesterday while I was there there were two other Black registered Dems who were poll workers were discussing the Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson comment. Basically he said what they are pushing down into our schools on LGBTQ stuff is "filth". And he has been told to resign by lefties in the state.

But they both agreed with Mark Robinson. I know our Lt. Governor Mark Robinson (Republican) is running for Governor of NC next year so I can see him getting in just from what I heard from registered Democrats. FWIW Mark Robinson will be just what NC needs as Governor. I can see a ton of registered Black Dems voting for him

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Not sure where you are coming up with this … the only people I see still wearing masks are black. 95% of em, and they are hardcore. So they are not turning away from Democrats (the largest group still wearing masks besides the catch all group mouth-breathers) or Corona, IMHO.

NeedMoarPillows 1 point ago +3 / -2

I'm in NC, there is no way in hell this person got that information at the polls, this is all BS.

swimkin [S] 4 points ago +4 / -0

Really? Then you don't live in my county. And FWIW we had hours of nothing to do except talk as only 15 people came to vote early in 3 days.

moodyblue 1 point ago +1 / -0

I live in a very rural area of NC. Many times I know the people working at the polls and if they aren’t busy we catch up. I know several people that have worked the polls. We are a very small community and we don’t have to know each other to speak with people. Especially when we get passionate about a subject and the other person will listen. Maybe it’s not like that in your area, IDK. Heck I talk to people I don’t know anywhere I go, why not at the polls? I know for a fact these early voting days get very slow around here.

SarMega 1 point ago +1 / -0

Blacks are super germophobic (so is Trump). They also don't want to out themselves as an "Uncle Tom" by not towing the party line that masks work, and get themselves ostracized from their community. Even White people in Liberal hellholes have this same problem.