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I pray there is a remedy that will be released to aid in treating all the vax damaged.

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I like your thinking. We know Trump will win the election in 2024.

Regardless afterwards will be the deep state's attempt to stop him from getting in. Who knows what that involves. So there will be mayhem after it is announced and before he gets back in office in Jan.

Will WW3 begin? Antifa riots in the street?

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I gave up trying to share the drops with my friends and hubby. They were not interested in looking at them at all.

So this video makes more sense. The drops weren't for everyone.
At this point the normies don't need the drops at all. We know what will happen, but they have no clue.

Thus we should be their support systems when the SHTF.

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I sent this to my Congressman. I hope everyone else shares it to theirs.

by KittyQ
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What you are really saying though based on historical fact that the Catholic Bible is closer to the true meaning of what the Apostles preached. It is afterall the first formalized religion based on the early Christians. Not saying that everything the Catholic Religion is correct bc it is an organized religion. However, It was the Protestants that split off from them.

by KittyQ
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So basically are you saying the Protestants just disregarded certain biblical scripture they preferred over those used in the original Roman Catholic bible? Meaning the Catholic Bible is closer to Christ’s apostles intent?

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Mind blown by your hypothesis. Yes. It could week be Christ himself.

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Much respect to you, anon. Many of us had family members who have taken the bioweapon. You are NOT alone in that regard.

There are protocols to take to help you out. Many anons in here will share. I don't need to reiterate them. You probably will have to take these for the rest of your life unless there is a way to reverse the spike proteins circulating in your body now.

Hopefully, once Trump gets back in office there will be an investigation into the damge this jab did to people and with his help we will find out a way to remove the spike proteins in those who took them.

Hang in there. I will say a prayer for you.

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I know a guy who did not have health care for his 10 kids.... he's a Mormon. When one kid broke a leg he worked out a plan to pay it off over time. His kids only needed healthcare when they were injured since they weren't vaxxed they didn't have the problems most of typical kids have today.

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I will pray for you and your family that you will get some relief through increased business for you or a raise for your wife.

I can't imagine having to feed 5 in this economy. However, there are ways to reduce your grocery bills. My mom had to scrimp for us when we were kids. There were eight of us in my immediate farmily total. My dad didn't make enough money to make ends meet. So mom made a lot of casseroles to stretch the meat. She spent her weekends making meals for the week since she went back to work when I was 12. This was in the 60's when many women stayed home still. She bought what was on sale and used coupons. We all had to clip them out for her as kids. She made scoup and stews from scratch, too. All more healthy and less costly than prepared foods. We very rarely had roasts (only special occasions) but she would make a mean pork with sauerkraut pot roast (She was of Gernman desent)

Remember, anon, you are not alone. We are here in prayer for you. And if you really need help with anything else just ask.

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I grew up in Northern VA. Ended up moving away after college. That was in 1975. Let me just say that the entire DC area always had bad, crazy drivers. Even back then. I am sure it has gotten worst but I no longer live there.

As the government grew so did that entire area. I remember when they built Dulles Airport. At the time it was the middle of nowhere. And now that area is just an extension of DC. Most working jobs there are either government jobs or government support jobs.

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All Americans for Trump. I don't care what color your skin is nor what your religion is (or none) We are ALL MAGA.

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