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I'm trying not to worry too much or stress myself, as I know it will make it worse. I've been "fully" jabbed since early July, and since then I've been taking NAC, D3, Zinc, C and Quercetin religiously. I did just run out of Quercetin this week though. I started feeling bad at work yesterday, got worse as the day went on and I woke up throughout the night feeling the worst I've felt so far. Fever, runny nose, very tight and sharp pains in my chest. It feels like I'm breathing through a coffee straw. My sister has some Ivermectin, so I plan on reaching out to her once I'm done with this update. The weather here in NC has been very crazy too, with daily temps of 40 degrees in the morning to just below 80 in the afternoon. Anyway, I will say I've been much sicker than this before, as I had pneumonia as a teen.. But right now, I'm getting a little concerned with the "lung squeeze" I'm experiencing. I will NOT, however, be going to the hospital. I've already made it known, if I ever get super sick anytime soon and get taken there, absolutely no remdesivir. I think I've detailed everything, but if I think of anything else I'll comment. Just wanted to provide details from first hand experience. Will keep y'all up to date!

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If your "lung squeeze" is shot related it may be pulmonary emboli. (tiny clots in the lungs) Treatment may be some sort of blood thinner. I believe they have something called clot busters. If it were me I would look into a natural remedy for thinning. Fish oil, garlic, ginger, cayenne, turmeric, vitamin E and even aspirin. I have used nattokinase in the past for a tightness in the chest. Not diagnosed but the pain also went away.