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Never know if these are the plagues in the Bible…

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And that’s because the US is largely not involved in pandemics because of our wealth and access to medical care but terrible diseases have been popping up and that’s pretty normal for the world.

They were welding doors shut somewhere in China because of hemorrhagic fever.

That’s where you bleed out your eyes and all orifices. Gross.

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It’s even better to get a natural source!

Quercetin is contained in abundance in apples, honey, raspberries, onions, red grapes, cherries, citrus fruits, and green leafy vegetables [2]. Among vegetables and fruits, quercetin content is highest in onions. The bulb color and type seems to be a determining factor for quercetin concentration in onions.“


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I wonder if he’s given up on being a vaccine maker, does anyone know if he’s still working on MRNA vaccines or has he seen the light?

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Doug Kuzma had a video put where he said he had covid. He stayed at home I think ten days, he announced it December 14 or so and his daughter found him on the floor Christmas and he was on a vent later in the day.

He did allow his daughter to call and put him in. He also had ivermectin before he got sick. So there’s a story of someone staying home until he couldn’t walk and passed out on the floor. He obviously let them take him to the hospital, his daughter found him passed out cold. I think he was awake and communicating with friends until day after Christmas then put on a vent.

It’s curious why he’d let them take him in since he was so aware of the vent thing as well.

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I’d love to hear your assessment of ivermectin! Please come back and let us know if it seemed to help.

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Many don’t eat enough fiber or get omega three fats. The gut is in control of immune output. Yes I can see any immune reaction gone wrong with a pathogenic particle but it shouldn’t react that way. It should show a robust response without this kind of problem.

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She’s this thin after a month? BS. She’s refusing medical care, tube feedings are offered to anorexics. We treat with appetite stimulating meds otherwise.

She’s an emotional, character disturbed, attention seeking anorexic in my opinion most likely. You don’t turn down nutrition if you face starving because iT OnLy MASks your symptoms.

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No. If you start getting nutrition your body will heal.

Have ya ever just not eaten for a few weeks? You stop making enzymes to digest food. Therefore you’re not hungry and it never improves.

Just like feeding starving kids in Africa, you feed them corn mush and other light things to get the body absorbing food and it improves over time until you’re better.

She’s refusing nutrition and she looks anorexic and has the behaviors of an anorexic, refusing nutrition.

In my opinion a lot of these stories are attention seekers acting on a current event to get attention. If a vaccine injured me I’d take to research not social media.

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Del Bigtree will suck Andrew Wakefield’s dick in public to prove that vaccines are evil, despite Wakefield wanting to make a better measles vaccine and as a vaccine maker.

People need to work on antivax hysteria for any of this theory to work. Vaccines are all bad, they aren’t following Q in saying some vaccines are good.

There’s gonna be a standoff in town sheriff.

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This is your belief, mind you. Lots of colds and flus were rounding all year off season. So what, did colds and flus disappear now in favor of spike protein damage?

Same logic applies. Not being critical, just saying this is logic applied to covid. It can equally be applied to spike protein assumptions.

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Studies have come out that risk of death for people under 40 increased 2 fold for any reason after severe covid. This same reasoning could be applied to the vac, the spike protein causes body inflammation as it’s an immune reaction. Inflammation can persist and make anything worse.

So these risks are for each infection. Every time you get covid it’s 1 percent and added risk of death for a year after that. Since coronaviruses are cold viruses they mutate. So many people get this wrong. Do you not get colds over and over? You certainly do. There’s no lifetime immunity for colds.

So get infected 5 times that’s 5 percent plus whatever risk for that year after. Let’s not pretend. What makes us age? It’s stress and body stress. There are people that look great and young age 60, 70, and people who look like crap and end up barely being able to walk age 55. The diversity is luck on which pathogens you get exposed to, your habits, exercise, genetics. Getting sick a lot isn’t good for you. You will age each time.

I say stay away from getting sick if you can, just like I won’t go to the rainforests and bathe in the water.

People in Africa and South America have the highest rate of death from infectious diseases and live to the ripe old age of 60.

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A lot of people react from fear posts. It’s fear porn. The same shit happened with covid now it’s the vax. Tit for tat I guess.

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I wouldn’t be surprised that some good Christian folk were trying to at least oppose their world plans. I hope so. I did. I did a lot of harm to them when I left, so I don’t go out much. The worst thing I could do was recommit myself to Jesus Christ and I have done that.

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That said the cabal is real and I have experience with it. I was going to offer my opinion on it since I actually dated, before I stopped the liberal nonsense my parents taught me, I dated a grand master mason who was Jewish and also a warlock. I’ve been to blood parties and underground scenes, hidden scenes where it’s normal to have pagan idolatries and cages on wheels with naked women with snakes crawling over them.

I don’t think it’s in the real but a spiritual phenomenon, satans kingdom.

I don’t think they know what they are doing but the locus of control is outside of them. They are all selfish and do magic. I can teach you about their magic.

Anyway that’s why I’m here. For a lot of you this is just represented on cheap videos you see. I have seen it in the real. They don’t sacrifice children on the level I was on but humanity certainly does that. They certainly could be accused of sacrificing their children to idols and harming them that way. I see a lot of this as described wrongly but the point is someone has figured it out to a degree and that’s impressive.

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My parents are the worst leftists and I was raised that way. I neither buy the all good or all bad theories which equate to an early childhood response called splitting.

“The hero, all good, saves the good people from the bad guys!”

The world is gray. We are all sinners.

The vaccine does work as it’s the same spike protein that causes natural immunity. But it wanes. Because colds and flus mutate and we get them over and over.

The vaccine has high risks for clots and heart inflammation. They are neglecting it and they could be preventing that. I’ve given some solid recommendations on that.

I’m not sure about long term affects of genetic medicine but I’ve read about immediate deaths in trials of MRNA. We have no long term evidence.

Trumps my guy and I get mad at him, but usually he’s right and as a covid nurse, I see with my own eyes and I do my own research. I’m not caught up in any narratives about vaccines are all bad or ivermectin will cure everything despite it actually being a big pharma medication.

Things are grey. Covid is overblown. Vaccine harm is overblown. People do the same damn things. Extreme everything.

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Q and team were not antivaxxers. They warned about the cabal, and a team of patriots working to overcome that.

The other conspiracies are muddying the Q content. The NWO vaccine depopulation conspiracy has been active for over 20 years fueled mostly by people making money selling supplements. If you did your research you find that supplements is the largest growing industry in most of the world with billions in product revenue.

They make money on books and speaking events.

Q never ever said vaccines are the focus of Q patriots. Q talked about an old cabal that has been secretly controlling things.

If they wanted to kill you, they wouldn’t spend billions developing tiny expensive things to inject in you they would poison your water supply which is cheap, or the air and target certain areas. Poison is undetectable in tiny amounts.

Does it make sense to put the effort into a vaccine robot they inject into you that’s very expensive? WTF

They poison your food or water supply and watch people drop off over years. In fact they did that already, food is mostly poison now.

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I like Q and Trump. The vaccine crap came out of left field. Seems like a psyop.

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Do something neat and ask the nurses when you call the unit how many covid patients are vaccinated. Do your research.

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No. That’s bullshit.

Every IV med has a potential to cause kidney problems but we slow down the rate. Some hospitals don’t do a good job of monitoring that.

Out of all the rumors, it’s a handful of nurses who seem delusional that spread this stuff. We laugh.

I send most of my patients home. All of them are unvaccinated aside from the elderly or sick.

I had a young 36 year old thin patriot dad die last night. He choked like a fish out of water. Not a way to die.

As a Christian, I think the vaccine works but does have a high risk for injury as any new medication does, but not nearly to the degree that people who don’t work in a hospital say. There’s a risk for clots and cardiac risk.

Not sure if some nurses get paid to say they are all vaccinated. No nurse I know has seen that.

Everything that Trump said is right. I wonder why no one trusts the guy because he’s always right and he’s right again. Everyone here is unvaccinated.

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