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Have you ever thought about the timing of Biden's vaccine mandates?

Geneva Convention articles are a set of international rules that were all about protecting people from crimes against humanity during armed conflict.

GC rules apply to the occupying force(Biden) and the occupying territory(the American people). They apply for the term of one year for both sides.


In the DOD Law of War Manual section 11.3.2 page 770(812) outlines some of the GC rules for the occupying force and explains the one-year time limit for the cessation of GC rules.


Biden stole the election on November 3rd 2020. Biden announced his vaccine mandate on November 4th 2021. One year and one day later. Given that the Geneva convention rules do not apply any longer the communist Biden admin felt free to start rolling out their crimes against humanity.

Given the fact that they waited the full year, to the day, before mandating the vaccine tells me that Biden knows he is a occupier, that he WAS being governed by GC rules.

The one year timeframe is set in hopes that the occupying territory can come to an agreement with the occupying force and accept living under the new leadership. Do you think that day will ever come? LETS GO BRANDON!!!

Stay safe my frens!!!


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JHARTZ - You should re-post this excellent dig again later in the day. Based on the limited number of upvotes, more people should see this.

I would vote to sticky as it is coupled with the law of war manual but I don't know what criteria the MODS use to decide.