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For the first time in my life I am finally addressing my same sex attraction. I am on the path to a Godly recovery, I know its not going to be easy. This is why I am asking for prayer. Whatever you feel like praying, please do. Strength, courage, accountability, or whatever encouragement you can send my way. I love this community and I have an awesome people in the Church that are walking along side of me. Love you all, wish me luck, the path is narrow and hard to stay on but I do not want to keep falling to this sin nature I am struggling with. Thanks for reading and/or praying over me.

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I'm very glad to hear it. Please continue to post your progress (only if you'd like). I know someone who is homosexual and actively living in that lifestyle, and would love to hear from your perspective what you go through or discover.

In fact, do you have any advice or references for dealing with that? They are actively against the Bible and Jesus, and don't really believe in God, so I try to be really ginger and careful with how I bring it up. I try to show them as much love and acceptance as I can without affirming their sinful lifestyle.

Thanks again for your honesty and humility, it's encouraging to see. You are shining with the light of Jesus in your humble seeking of God's :)

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I will post periodically as I am on the journey (keep an eye out I guess then lol) and I've always been a believer, so that's a bit different, but for sure I'd I have any references/biblically based information I won't hesitate to let ya know