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For educational purposes Anons and Patriots! Especially Patriot leadership:

I’m not sure how many of you have seen how out Communist/Socialist, or ANTIFA “friends” organize, but let this Moderator help to educate you. Sometime we must fight fire with water, and more water, and with liquid nitrogen. Learn my Anon’s. The 2nd link is where they meet up in each city across the World and US. Time to let them know, we know where they hide when the sun is up. And we now have access to their plans. WWG1WGA.



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For the ones in my area it looks like most of them were facebook groups that haven't been active in a few years. I noticed two that seem to have actual, physical locations. One of them describes themselves as a, "radical library, DIY venue, and community space." The other is a "feminist bookstore" and they both have the cat / dark theme going in their logos.

Edit: Found one in NC thats interesting. The books they sell: https://firestorm.coop/catalog.html

Then on their About Us page it says, "The ownership structure we require precludes us from applying for 501(c)3 nonprofit status; however, we are committed to a not-for-profit model and we will reinvest 100% of our earnings in the community once we are able to sustain our labor at the equivalent of a livable wage." kek