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For educational purposes Anons and Patriots! Especially Patriot leadership:

I’m not sure how many of you have seen how out Communist/Socialist, or ANTIFA “friends” organize, but let this Moderator help to educate you. Sometime we must fight fire with water, and more water, and with liquid nitrogen. Learn my Anon’s. The 2nd link is where they meet up in each city across the World and US. Time to let them know, we know where they hide when the sun is up. And we now have access to their plans. WWG1WGA.



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Tons of meet-ups here in Arizona,all over the state. I recognize a few of the places in my town. Looks like they email these places to see if they are on board to "cater" to these meet-ups. One of the establishments had this under the description "...their on-line materials say both and they have not responded to slingshot’s emails…" So these buisnesses are in the same lane as these idiots and most likely sponser them to some extent imo. Good find Brent!

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I’ve shown the slingshotcollective.org ones months ago. But it needs to be reposted as new people come on. Patriots and Anons everywhere need to be aware of how to monitor them, educate their community and work to cut off these “recruiting centers” to put them out of business, and be aware of ANTIFA’s plans, coordination, education, and even learn their strategies, as they’re all road tested, to turn things against them. “To beat your enemy, you must first know your enemy. Then appear weak when you are strong, before you strike.” We will win Anons. But there is nothing wrong with adding a little nitros to speed the win up! Where We Go One, We Go All.