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A lot of people here have indicated they felt some amount of confusion about Kyle, especially after seeing him first hand in the trial and also in Tucker Carlson interview. I didn't pay attention too much, but vaguely felt he was too polished and his comments about BLM etc didn't sit well with me.

He made some wild accusations about Lin Wood - specifically that Lin had the bail money in Sep, but waited until Nov to bail him out to "grift" more money for his own personal gains.

Lin Wood has provided more than enough receipts on his telegram to show that he had been furiously raising the money, and when he was 150K short of the 2 mil, and he managed to get a loan from Rick Schroeder and had to provide personal guarantee for that loan.

Lin also explains that the lawyers for Kyle were pretty shady with the way they dealt with the bail money, and the lies they spread. He thinks that David Hancock, who is supposedly a patriot, but who is shacking up with Wendy Rittenhouse is feeding lies to Kyle about Lin, and making money in Kyle's name buying new toys.

This has broken up the patriot community, and there is a group forming - many of whom Lin had called out earlier - most notable MTG. With all the receipts he is providing, it almost feels like Lin is exposing the patriot faction that was actually working for the Cabal, pretending to be patriots.

Specifically he is calling out Sebastian Gorka, Dan Bongino, Dan Crenshaw, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Fox & Friends, MSNBC, CNN, Fraudcock, Jack Posobiec as all colluding together for this.

My guess at this point? Kyle is smarter than he knows, but pretended to be just an innocent kid, and allowed these people to spread the lies and smear Lin, all to expose this faction. I also feel that Kyle's case went too well, too easily. The judge was amazingly based, the jury seems to be very brave and smart, the prosecutor was an imbecile - did he play along with the deep state when they made an "offer" - to breakup the patriots and destroy Lin Wood, in return for an acquittal ?

Is he actually playing into their hands, or is he playing along?

If Kyle was being used as a pawn, would the white hats just watch and do nothing?

Perhaps, Kyle is the ultimate honeypot to exterminate the most entrenched Cabal agents in the patriot community?


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You at least the 10th poster here that has said the same exact thing. Was there a memo passed around or what? No one is worshipping anyone and its obvious we are only saying this whole thing stinks of FF and a ton of coordinated accusations with literally ZERO proof of anything.

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Well, we all worship Trump but that's a given.