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Kyle Rittenhouse

Why Kyle's mother fired Lin Wood at 18:10. I think Kyle and his mother are being manipulated by others to discredit LW. Lin Wood's foundation (FightBack) has been audited and LW himself personally guaranteed $150K so that Kyle could be bailed out. This narrative that Kyle was left to languish in jail so LW could grift off him is simply a lie.

David Hancock

David Hancock is the family's spokesman and seems to be the one intent on smearing LW. DH is also the subject of a $1 million lawsuit over his handling of The Milo Fund, the non profit organization used to raise funds for Rittenhouse after Wood, Pierce, and Fight Back were expelled from the defense team.

Patrick Byrne

PB is a current member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Search for his name here. He is the CEO of The America Project an organization that takes in millions of dollars to fight for freedom but refuses to be audited. PB has called LW "kooky" and you can listen to a telephone call between the two of them here and decide who you think is kooky.

Michael Flynn

MF is portrayed as the ultimate Trump patriot who has endured years of persecution by the left. But looking beneath the MSM narrative you see someone that thrived in the Obama administration and who was very friendly with Susan Rice. MF recently said:

I don’t know this Pegasus thing LW mentions. I’ve had relationships with lots of people and entities, this is not one that I know.

MF's telegram on Nov 27, 2021. Flynn is not being truthful about Pegasus.

What is clear is that during the time Flynn was working for NSO’s Luxembourg affiliate, one of the company’s main products — a spy software sold exclusively to governments and marketed as a tool for law enforcement officials to monitor suspected criminals and terrorists — was being used to surveil political dissidents, reporters, activists, and government officials. The software, called Pegasus, allowed users to remotely break into a target’s cellular phone if the target responded to a text message.

Source: Michael Flynn Worked With Foreign Cyberweapons Group That Sold Spyware

Sidney Powell

In the newly released phone call between Lin Wood and Patrick Byrne here there are some very damning comments made about SP's PAC Defending the Republic and it's lack of transparency around the millions of dollars that have been donated to it. We also note that Trump has distanced himself from SP.

This soap opera will no doubt continue to distract us from more important things but I know one thing for sure - when the DS tries to discredit you it is because they fear the truth that you are telling. I stand with Lin Wood.

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PaulRevere01 3 points ago +3 / -0

The first three min of the Patrick Byrne phone call is epic. I don’t follow this stuff normally just saying but LW hands PB his ass loved it. Kek

OregonAngel2 7 points ago +7 / -0

All of a sudden Flynn is rumored to be deep state, Sidney is rumored to be a loose woman and Lin is rumored to be a dishonest lawyer.

This is no coincidence. This has all the earmarks of an operation by Strzok et al. No wonder Strzok was gloating over the divisions in the alliance. It's what they do.

Finding ways to divide and conquer is their main skill.

This whole Kyle, Lin, Sidney, Bryne, Flynn thing is loaded with bs designed to distract at a crucial time.

Glowie777 1 point ago +2 / -1

MF said an occult prayer