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Bad people do good things from time to time. Cruz has a long establishment history to get over. His redemption will take time.

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No one cares what this commie sodomite has to say.

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  • The sodomite
  • The Traitor
  • The Serial Liar
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He is going to be "popular" in jail.

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I'm sure everything will be OK. You, your daughter and SIL should pray with your grandson out loud so he can hear you invoke God's healing power on him in the name of Jesus. Also that will bear witness to the hospital staff that you recognize Jesus as your Saviour and trust Him in all things.

I have said a prayer for this little one, for his parents and for you. Let your heart not be troubled. God is in complete control. It is we that lack faith. God bless you.

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The Lord will never give you more than you can bear. While it looks pretty bleak at times, we must continue to trust and obey the Lord. Our kids will often break our hearts with their poor choices (mine included) but we must show them that there is a better way with Christ Jesus.

I will pray also for the victims of the car accident and her young children who are all innocent in this whole situation. Alcohol is never the solution to anything. Hopefully, she has learned to face life without it. God bless you.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion would be at the bottom of my list of priorities.

There are so many other things that need attention, like:

  • Destroying the Deep State and all those that want to control and harm the people.
  • Eliminating human trafficking
  • Securing the southern border
  • Destroying biolabs, adrenochrome harvesting, fentanyl trafficking
  • Fixing the education system, the judicial system and the intelligence agencies.
  • etc, etc, etc
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I do not listen to anyone that talks contemptuously about Christians. I will pray for them that they might accept Jesus and be saved.

I am also very wary of people who say they know who the antichrist is. The internet era has produced a lot of self-proclaimed sages, paytriots and misinformationalists. These people are almost always attention whores or scoundrels that attract NPCs to their click bait content and inevitably provide nothing of value for truth seekers.

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Who is going to explain the crisis to Xiden? He can't even stay on his bike.

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... and trusting that the Lord will look after His people throughout these turbulent times. Looking forward to His soon coming. God bless you & yours..........MJ

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