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Who cares what this 300 lb idiot has to say - he is polling at 1%.

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I attend an independent, fundamental Baptist church that preaches from the King James Bible. It's mantra is "Rooted in Christ" and the sermons are always Bible-centric - no opinion, political commentary or liberalism of any kind. The music is "old school" classic hymns that are sung heartily by the congregation. We have several talented pianists and the choir is awesome. The Pastor is friendly, relatable and unwavering in his focus on Jesus and the Word of God. We support many foreign missionaries and are actively soul-winning in our local community.

Good churches are hard to find but when you find one you work hard to keep it centered on Jesus and keep all the worldly influences from contaminating the church culture.

If you are looking for a church, here are the things that I think you should look for:

  • A church that uses the King James Bible
  • A focus on Jesus Christ the living Son of God
  • A church that supports missionaries
  • A soul-winning culture
  • An unwavering commitment to biblical teachings and an unyielding attitude toward progressivism, liberalism and the worldly agenda of wickedness.
by KittyQ
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Get yourself a King James bible and read it and pray for understanding. Anything or anyone that contradicts what's in that KJV Bible is a heretic and an apostate. You should run from them for they are deceivers.

There are many PERVERTED versions of the bible. These two documents outline the history and examples of these perversions.

If God says it is sin - it IS sin. Doesn't matter what this mixed up world says or what the many deceivers say. Put on the whole armour of God. God bless you.

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Jesus is my King too. We are NOT free in Canada anymore.

There will be a Judgement Day - God will have the final say about all this wickedness. We are just passing through in this earthly life. I always suggest that people accept Jesus Christ as the living Son of God so that their sins can be forgiven and they can have a home in heaven for eternity. It seems like a no-brainer to me, but many are lost and can't seem to find their way. Turn to Jesus before it is too late. God bless.

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There are many good ideas that others have mentioned (Zinc, NAC, HCQ, Ivermectin, A, B, C, D, Quercetin are some that we use).

But I want to warn you about a more serious "bad decision" for which there will be no reversal possible. Everyone has the choice to believe in and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. God loves you and wants to welcome into the kingdom of heaven forever but you must decide to accept His Son Jesus. Just think how you feel about taking the clot shot - now think about eternity in hell without any recourse. Grab a King James bible and start reading. Don't delay because the time is short. God bless you.

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Cuban born, dumb as a rock, sodomite and pedophile. A real embarrassment to all Canadians.

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Anyone who takes the new vax deserves what they get. There is plenty of information about vax injuries and deaths in the public domain. If people are lazy, stupid and brain-washed then they will once again inject the bioweapon into themselves.

But the Lord said, "Fear not". Mankind has survived for centuries without vaccines and Big Pharma's pills for everything. Our God-given immune system is enough for me. I trust the Lord completely and I completely DON'T trust the medical community given their propensity to recommend things that injure and kill their patients. God bless you.

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What could go wrong?

  • Skyrocketing food prices
  • Deteriorating food quality
  • Food shortages
  • mRNA in food
  • Bill Gates food like artificial meat
  • Klaus Schwab food like bugs
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Not good answers regarding the vaccines. The vax has killed and injured 100's of millions of people.

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Space Force has all the granular evidence for the 2020 election fraud. No one is getting away with anything. All will be prosecuted. Trump would not be going so hard on Desanctimonious if he did not have the goods on him. I just wish the Whitehats could speed things up.

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I think we're going to find out that there are bodies there with bullet holes in their heads. FEMA are criminals.

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