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Blindly emptying the clip - dangerous! Learn how to use it before you end up killing an innocent person.

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Call me an anti-vaxxer and conspiracy theorist but I'm alive, well and living without any fear. I've never worn a mask, never been tested and never going to be vaxxed.

I look at the vaxtards, left-tards and truth-deniers and say:

Your blind trust of your government, the medical establishment and the MSM coupled with you refusal to research and think for yourself, has paralyzed you with fear, blinded you to reality and caused you to make irrational life choices.

Turn your TV off, stop complying with the illegal mandates of the tyrants and re-connect with God.

There is nothing to fear, no killer virus and the MSM is the enemy of the people.

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  • Another Covid death, "we did everything we could, he had a pre-existing pneumonia condition"
  • The death will NOT be related to Remdesivir though.
  • The sheep are being slaughtered by the medical establishment and known cures are being suppressed KNOWINGLY (this is genocide).
  • and you are painted as crazy for not blindly "following Science". This is medical tyranny.

Wake up - de-population is real. Think for yourself or die.

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The CDC genocidal protocol:

  • Remdesivir (Fauci's failed Ebola drug) -->
  • causes kidney failure -->
  • fluids flood the lungs -->
  • respiratory difficulty -->
  • ventilator -->
  • death
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You don't have to feel sorry for me. I have the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. My eternal destiny is in the kingdom of heaven.

You obviously couldn't understand my post.

I don't want a certain few trying to gin up hate for Canada and Canadians when it is the ruling, global, satanic elite who is the enemy. These people exist in every country (including yours). You don't hear me saying that America is a mess and Americans are pussies. Why do you think it is acceptable for you (and others like you) to do that?

We are DEEPLY disturbed by the actions of our government (federal and provincial). We have protests every week. "Most of us" are NOT "bending over" .

Stop spreading your lies and hate about Canadians - or I will contact the mods to put a stop to it.

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Take your relative home IMMEDIATELY and give them HCQ, Zinc, D, C, Quercetin. The hospital is NOT your friend anymore. They get paid more for COVID treatment. Running the death count up at your expense - SICK but true.

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Do NOT, NOT take Remdesivir!!! It is part 1 of the CDC death protocol.

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I already boycott all of Hollywood so this doesn't change anything. Curtis is just another adrenochrome sicko.

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That tard at the bottom right is a real menace to us in Canada.

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I am with Teksavvy in Toronto and have no problems.

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