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I hope the head moderator doesn't see this post because you may be going on vacation if he does.

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The doctors are there to profit for themselves and serve their Big Pharma masters. They are NOT concerned about your health issues and they are not concerned with upholding their oath to not hurt their patients.

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I became a truther on November 22, 1963 (at 9 years old). My dad and I used to shoot groundhogs at a farmers field near our cottage with bolt action .22 rifles with scopes. I knew how difficult it was to hit a stationary object at 300 feet. So when the news said Oswald got off 3 shots with his military bolt action rifle from the 6th floor and hit JFK in the head while his car was moving at 11 mph, I said to my father, "how is that possible"? When we saw the Zabruder film (which was most likely doctored by the CIA), my dad said, "someone else shot the president from the front". This made sense to me given our groundhog hunting experience. So I concluded that the MSM, the doctors at Parkland hospital and the Warren Commission had told us a big lie and then tried very hard to cover it up.

On September 11, 2001 I was 47 years old. I didn't need my father's opinion to see that the 2 World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon were not hit by commercial aircrafts commandeered by Saudi jihadists with box-cutters. The whole thing was ludicrous - a plane would crumple up like a piece of tin foil when hitting a concrete building re-enforced by 1.5" steel frame. There was no video of the Pentagon strike - that doesn't make sense give the number of CCTV cameras at the Pentagon. The buildings were destroyed by controlled demolition, supported by a crude, first generation CGI "film" showing the planes slicing through the concrete like butter, the Pentagon was hit by a missile (not an airplane) and United Airlines Flight 93 crash in Pennsylvania was a total fake. Why would our government and the media lie to us? They had to destroy records that would have shown that corrupt politicians had stolen billions of dollars, to create fear to gin up support for a war against Mid-eastern terrorists and to quickly pass the Patriot Act which legalized expanded surveillance abilities of law enforcement, including by tapping domestic and international phones.

Since then the world has only gotten worse. But the formula that works for me is:

  • I trust the Lord, read the bible and pray daily.
  • I try hard to tell people that the only way out of this mess is by accepting Jesus Christ.
  • I cancelled my cable TV subscription 4 years ago
  • I do not trust doctors or anyone in the medical community
  • I do not take any kind of pharmaceutical pill.

The truth is that we are in a battle of Good vs Evil. Everyone must choose a side. My advice is to choose wisely. God bless.

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There is NOTHING Republican about Haley.

  • Not her polices (on immigration (supports amnesty), social security (supports raising the age to qualify), foreign policy (supports funding Ukraine and other wars)
  • Not her funding (she has received a lot of money from large Democrat donors - although some of them are starting to leave her sinking ship)
  • Not her signed pledge to support the Republican nominee
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She campaigned on "not having sex with employees". Promises made, promises broken.

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I was ridiculed and downvoted on this forum for suggesting that the elites would try to normalize pedophilia - they said "it will never happen". Sucks to be that stupid. They are using the same playbook that they've already used to successfully normalize homosexuality and transgenderism. That is:

  • Promote and expose it as an innocent activity that lots of "normal" people do
  • Stress false narratives - "love is love", "kids enjoy it", "be tolerant of others"
  • Decriminalize it because it shouldn't be a crime - it is something you are born with and can't do anything to change
  • Use the entire evil cabal machine (government DEI/hate speech legislation, indoctrination in the education system, MSM, Hollywood/athlete surrogates, big corporate, etc) to force the brainwashed TV morons to accept pedophilia. WARNING: Once society accepts pedophilia, there will be no going back.

Just know that God has an infinite supply of mill stones and that He has prepared a special place for pedophiles - an eternity in a boiling lake of fire!

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Let me connect the dots

Brainwashed fear...poisonous jab...vax-clots...embalming fluid...burial in ground

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Incorrect. Jesus is God

9 Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Show us the Father? John 14:9 KJV

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All the money in the world won't help them when they're hanging from a rope at GITMO.

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No chance my faith will ever be hidden. I am VERY proud to be a child of the King. There is nothing this world can do to take that away.

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She will not quit until she is told to quit.

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