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My wife tested positive for covid and I've been sick as hell too since Thanksgiving so I assume I have it too (if it really exists).

I tried Duravet Ivermectin horse paste using the dosages posted by fellow pedes. Also taking vitamin c and zinc.

The first day I thought it worked as my 102 fever wasn't there the next morning. However it came back strong later in the day and it seems to be a cycle of no fever when I wake up then a fever later in the day.

What I found is the Ivermectin upset my stomach with nausia and a lot of diarrhea.

My fever is still here and im coughing a lot due to bad post nasal drip.

My wife only took aspirin and alleive yet today she seems fine. No coughing and no fever. She still has Congestion.

I know everyone's experiences are different but I atleast want to share mine with it. I guess there's some people it just doesnt work on. Sharing this info so you can make an informed decision.

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Your gut issues could be related to parasite die off since that's the primary function of ivm

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Yeah thats true. Its pretty bad though. Nausia and I ran to the bathroom over 15 times today.