mj12 is gone 🔍 Notable
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mj12 sounded a lot like Q. They used the same phrases. They started posting before Q. A few days ago I looked, and they were pulling the plug. Their typist, who made Project Apario for researching declassified documents, resigned. Now all their historical posts are marked His Majesty Twelve, and their logo is replaced by a coin with an alien on it. The last mj12 posts about quitting are gone, replaced by a His Majesty post "A whole new world approaches". Sounds ominous. Thoughts?

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At least now I know which of the many Telegram channels I follow was the one that's now suddenly called His Majesty Twelve, so thanks for that. It applies retroactively to old posts too so I couldn't figure out how to find that out.

Edit: OK there's an Info thing you can click to find the channel's link name which is still "realmj12" I am now educatified about that.