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KTgold 4 points ago +4 / -0

No. If you start getting nutrition your body will heal.

Have ya ever just not eaten for a few weeks? You stop making enzymes to digest food. Therefore you’re not hungry and it never improves.

Just like feeding starving kids in Africa, you feed them corn mush and other light things to get the body absorbing food and it improves over time until you’re better.

She’s refusing nutrition and she looks anorexic and has the behaviors of an anorexic, refusing nutrition.

In my opinion a lot of these stories are attention seekers acting on a current event to get attention. If a vaccine injured me I’d take to research not social media.

KTgold 4 points ago +4 / -0

She’s this thin after a month? BS. She’s refusing medical care, tube feedings are offered to anorexics. We treat with appetite stimulating meds otherwise.

She’s an emotional, character disturbed, attention seeking anorexic in my opinion most likely. You don’t turn down nutrition if you face starving because iT OnLy MASks your symptoms.