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I can’t believe I have to make this post but then again on the other hand I’m not the least bit surprised. My mother who was 64 went into the hospital on New Year’s Day with a very swollen abdomen, pain, and unable to keep down even water. She was in the hospital for 2 and a half weeks while they did all kinds of diagnostic tests and treated her symptoms. She was in terrible pain most of the time and basically unable to eat. Finally last Tuesday they told her that she had cancer that had basically covered every organ in her abdomen and pretty much fused them together. They had no idea what organ it had originated from and she had no history of cancer or family history of cancer. They told her she had 1 month to 3 months to live if she did chemo. On Friday she was dead. I made down to see her the last hour of her life, she wasn’t able to speak but her eyes were open. I told her I loved her and we prayed for her salvation, she was not a believer (to my knowledge). I watched 1 single tear roll down her cheek and color fade away from her face. She took her last breath and left us. It was just me and my 11 year old daughter crying and praying together. I thanked God for his mercy and blessings to allow for me and my daughter to be there before my Mom died and to pray for her salvation at the moment of her death. I know I’ll see her again someday. She was fully vaxxed and boosted. My family is totally clueless and they all drank the Kool-aide too. I pray that nobody else in my family has to go through this but I can’t be sure. I’ve known since the very beginning this was all nonsense. I used to be a nurse and understood after the 1st week that it was a farce and that none of it made any sense. I tried to tell her I sent her studies and articles, she finally told me to stop sending her stuff that she wasn’t going to read it. She told me that clearly I wasn’t gonna change her mind and she wasn’t gonna change mine. I even got Covid and ended up in the hospital, thankfully the doc there gave me ivermectin and convalescent plasma and I immediately got better and went home! My mother was an incredibly smart woman and except for being brainwashed by mass psychosis there is no other explanation for why she wouldn’t listen to reason. It’s so very disappointing because she had every capacity to understand the truth, but just didn’t. That’s what makes this so so hard and sad. It’s all just so insane I keep praying that all will be revealed soon and we can stop this death shot and help people heal. Thanks for reading this. I don’t know what I’d do without all of y’all the GAW has been a source of sanity for me throughout this whole ridiculous “pandemic”. I’ve laughed and cried with all of you and I look forward to rejoicing when we triumph over this evil. In Jesus’ name, God bless you all.

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I’m so sorry for your heartbreaking loss Fren. Please stay strong.