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The absolute hubris of the Dr.s who do that, to think they get to decide who’s life has value. Disgusting.

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I had the flu the spring before Covid then I got Covid during the “delta” wave along with my husband and 11 yr old daughter. It was very similar to the flu at first but then after a week when I thought I was getting better I started to get worse more fever then vomiting and then diarrhea. I had a pulse oximeter at home that I was using the day I finally broke down and went to the hospital my O2 was at 86 - it was awful, I was so miserable. And I had ZERO congestion and no coughing just all of a sudden my oxygen levels went down. This didn’t happen for my husband he had the flu like symptoms but could still get up and function- mostly which when he’s had the flu before he was in bed for days (when he was in his 30s ) my daughter had a runny nose for a few days and that was it. So yes it’s similar, but it’s not “the flu”.

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Nothing by mouth I’m sure (NPO) . He’s gonna be on parenteral nutrition (through an IV)

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Birds sing in the daytime, in the light- not darkness.
Maybe there is something to all this Twitter stuff, that little blue bird is very well known. 😎

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She wasn’t “allowed” to call the police. Bullshit. If I saw something like that you can bet your ass I’d be calling the cops PERIOD! Just gross.

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The shot killed my mom and only God knows who else in my family and my husband’s family will be taken as well. It’s so hard when you can’t talk about it with them, you just have to pretend whatever it was that killed them was normal or not the shot at least. I just wanna scream it at them but I know they won’t hear it. I really do understand now that there is a percentage of people who will NOT get it. So since I know it will only cause a huge fight where they won’t talk to me I say nothing about it. That’s why this place is such a blessing, I can share and listen to others sharing their hurt and loss in TRUTH, and that is a blessing. I’ve realized truly that that this life is like a vapor here and then gone, Eternal life with the Lord is what I’m looking forward to, to seeing my mother again in glory and being able to laugh about how important we thought all these earthly things were. I’m comforted knowing this and so thankful that Jesus died for me and for all who would believe. I can despair but not as those who have no hope as Paul said because I have an eternal hope in Jesus. God Bless you, prayers for you and your family, please know we love you and care about your heartbreak. (((Hugs)))

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“My father” instead of “my dad” gets my attention. 😎

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Same here. It’s actually been kinda nice to have a segue to all those topics with my daughter so we can discuss them together without it being like I’m just standing there lecturing on topic after topic. It’s cool because now her radar is on and she can spot it and is actively looking for it. She loves to point it out to me. 😎

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Thank you. I’m sorry you’re dealing with all this, I’m waiting for other family members to start getting sick. Yay. Glad we’ve got the Lord and we know that God has already won. We just have to lean on him and his people.

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I’m so sorry for your loss. I said a prayer for you and your family. I’m sitting here going through my Mother’s things and crying, she was killed by the stupid f’ing shot at the end of Jan. This place is a godsend. It’s a place where you can freely speak the truth about what is going on and unburden yourself with friends. The prayers and the love of the people here helped me when i truly needed it. I’m glad you’ve reached out as well. God bless you and your family.

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Wow now that’s a thought. The way people allowed their lives to be ground to a halt for fear of something that they weren’t really seeing evidence of makes me think that they are gonna be WAY worse over this because it is demonstrable that the shot is injuring and killing people. They’re not gonna get out of their beds. They are all gonna be terrified to sneeze. 🤦‍♀️

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The truth is that yes nicotine is very addictive but it’s also easy to quit it’s metabolized quickly. Allen points out that all we know of smoking is a lie- it’s not enjoyable in any way, we’ve been brainwashed (a lot easier to appreciate now that we’ve seen the brainwashing of Covid and vaccines and all the other junk) into thinking we like it but it’s only that we are battling the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine that happened within minutes of finishing a cigarette. It’s that nagging feeling of almost like hunger, that’s what nicotine does it has you in constant anxiety to be relieved. Like hitting yourself with a hammer only to enjoy how good it feels when you stop. People who don’t smoke and never did smoke cannot understand that feeling. Smoking isn’t enjoyable- smoking relieves the anxious nagging feeling being addicted to nicotine creates. That’s it. I always marveled at people that I worked with, how the non smokers didn’t Need cigarette breaks. I was practically pulling my hair out by the time I got my break. Well I quickly realized after I quit that they didn’t feel like I did at all. The had no reason to relieve an anxiety that they weren’t experiencing.

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This book worked for me 15 years ago. I was a pack a day smoker and had been at it for 15 years. I’ve never smoked since and have had zero desire to smoke since then. I’d just as soon eat a skunk sandwich. I thank God for Mr. Carr and praise God for releasing me from the death sentence of smoking.

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It only ever made me feel like a slug. 🤷‍♀️ I have a spinal cord injury (incomplete) and I take lyrica and morphine for pain. I would love love love to not have to take them. The fact that they have awful side effects, the fact that if I don’t have them it’s absolutely awful, the fact that the horrible doctors have me over a barrel and I can’t do anything about it. I could go on. I tried CBD Charlottes Web but it didn’t help just made me dizzy. I hate that I feel trapped by this but I have severe pain due to a damaged spinal cord that’s not going to get better. I’ve tried over and over again to cut my dosage but I just end up in horrible pain. Also problem with weed/thc/cbd is that my doc makes me do a piss test and if I come up hot I’ll get the boot and no more meds and honestly I couldn’t function if I didn’t have pain control. It can get real depressing sometimes.

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Apparently testosterone actually causes a euphoria when it is first taken, it makes these women feel wonderful for a time then after a while that wears off and reality sets in. So they get a false assurance at fist that they have made a correct decision only to have to face it later that they are not actually any happier or better off just the contrary. Pitiful.

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