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However, I hear and see people around me believing every morsel they are fed. Six million dead from Covid, Ukrainian kids being murdered. Their lies are on every channel, national and even local (and I live in East TN). It seems they are no more awake than when it all this started. People being pissed about gas prices does not make them one of us. It will take years not months to make sort it all out. Maybe when Q said the end is not for everyone, he meant some generations will not see the reclamation of our nation. I know the truth, so I will not give up, but damn if it’s not hard to keep keeping on.

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Ive been dooming the last day or two.

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Take a break from the cares of this world and refresh your soul in the word of God for a bit. We are in such dark times we need to seek the light more than ever. May your soul find peace and be refreshed.

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Thank you fren