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However, I hear and see people around me believing every morsel they are fed. Six million dead from Covid, Ukrainian kids being murdered. Their lies are on every channel, national and even local (and I live in East TN). It seems they are no more awake than when it all this started. People being pissed about gas prices does not make them one of us. It will take years not months to make sort it all out. Maybe when Q said the end is not for everyone, he meant some generations will not see the reclamation of our nation. I know the truth, so I will not give up, but damn if it’s not hard to keep keeping on.

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I think we're approaching the action phase. I am fully buckled and cozy.

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This is the way.

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It’s happening. It’s just taking waaaay longer than you initially expected. Like a fuse that starts and stops. It appears to go out, maybe for days or weeks, then it flashes and runs like hell for couple days only to stop again. Rinse and repeat. The fuse gets shorter every time though.

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Good analogy.

400DollarHandcart [S] 3 points ago +3 / -0

I agree fully, but I feel like the majority, while not happy are still completely asleep. There in lies my anxiety, it will take a great prolonged upheaval to shake them awake. There are so many rotten people in the world I am realizing, there will be no sudden victory, no great coming to justice, just a slow course correction that will not fruit for several years.

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You got this. They are sleeping and you aren't. As hard as it is to be awake by myself - I'd rather be awake by myself and KNOW than be asleep and eating the bullshit.

Fatality 3 points ago +3 / -0

find calmness of mind and spirit, anon. Don't worry too much about others, focus on being the best you can be. Let it lead you to be the rock for others in turbulent times.

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We are with you patriot, I've seen numerous people waking up / questioning the narrative. And the fact that we are all here doing it together works wonders!

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The ride is getting rough. One seatbelt is not enough. We will need to be bubble wrapped and will need an airbag as well.

Here in Utah, last October, we held a rally on the capitol steps to hold a full forensic audit. In the hearing, the state rep making his case was criticized for quoting the first supreme court justice John Jay, who was a "white man"; he was accused of accusing "hard working" people of crimes, when no such words were uttered; he invited fellow reps to his office to reveal technical details on election irregularities after the hearing, to which they replied they were "too busy."

This rep endured such ridicule and threats, not just to him but to his family, that he resigned from office, though he is still actively involved in election cleanup efforts.

In December, our governor publicly stated that election fraud "conspiracy theorists" "were playing a dangerous game."

Fast forward to January. We had 5 weeks to gather an insane number of signatures for a ballot initiative to go back to in-person voting, get rid of drop boxes, etc. We didn't make 150,000. The press reported we only got 5700 signatures, when in fact, we got over 28000, some 800 signatures a day in the timespan. The people behind the initiative asked the Lieutenant Governor for more time, she refused. The initiative folks considered filing a court injunction but couldn't because of the cost - $40K minimum.

Fast forward to early March. Another rep presented a bill in session that was the same proposed legislation as that in the signature drive initiative. Only this time, instead of the ridicule and threats, there was calmer discussion, some concession that "mistakes could happen,", etc. The bill failed to make it out of committee. This was before an audience of five packed rooms. Last October, I think it was three packed rooms.

Seems like with each setback, the crowds of support keep getting bigger.

The current status is that an audit committee has been created for the upcoming interim legislative session. The legislators are severely restricted in what they can do (risk limiting audit); nevertheless, I understand the governor and lieutenant governor are "unhappy" about it.

In the meantime, two ladies way back when filed freedom of info requests for 2020 election data, were charged outrageous fees (6 figures), fought them in court, got the bill knocked down substantially, and held a successful truck convoy fundraiser to finalize the raising of the funds needed for court filings for data for ALL 29 Utah counties. (I gave them about $3K.)

They even flew out one of the 2020 election data experts to testify to the Utah County commissioners about that county's 2020 election data and got the commissioners to concede they were open to the idea of an audit.

Those two ladies have endured a rough ride of their own. Their story is just as disturbing as the possibility of fraudulent elections and the heavy-handedness that they've been treated with has had a few county officials go WTH? They're just asking for data. They're just two moms! Why all the huffing and puffing from the lieutenant governor...?!?

But things are happening here. And this is in a state that Trump won. And this is in a state with a governor claiming the state is the "gold standard" for election integrity.

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Ive been dooming the last day or two.

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Take a break from the cares of this world and refresh your soul in the word of God for a bit. We are in such dark times we need to seek the light more than ever. May your soul find peace and be refreshed.

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Thank you fren

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Six million dead from the Covid holocaust hoax, you say?

There's no way the plan doesn't involve permanently solving the Khazarian Jewish corruption within our mainstream media, internet and social media. I'm unsure if there will be a white hat martial law where the military take control over the media and broadcast the truth and trials, or if the seditious (((MSM))) will be arrested and leave the stage for us to spread the truth, but either way the problem will this needs to be a major part of any plan and the solution.

So please try not to worry about it because it's something that you can't change.

You can help by using social media against the Khazarian Jews, but there's no too much more you can do unless you're a senior military white hat.

I suspect there will be massive food shortages before this is over. If you haven't started stockpiling at least some food, water, toiletries, medical supplies, candles and some home defense measures... then perhaps it will be cathartic and productive to focus on that for a while? It doesn't cost much and I gain so much relief from at least feeling prepared. If you need any advice on where to start then please ask.

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They say it is darkest before the dawn.

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Thats their plan to give in give up and become masked citizens and live like China! Yep I felt the same today and I guess we need some ideas to Keep on Keeping on!

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Just got to hold the line, there is no other option. We are not alone. There's millions of us around the world. Love from Australia.

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Death stranding?