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I will make this quick as i can, a great friend of mine who is just a normal very busy single dad of two who doesnt choose to pay attention, called me tonight. Mind you i have been working on this guy for a long time, but he hangs with a bunch of semi libtarded people. We have been friends for 30 years, but dont see each other much as we have different lives, still stay in touch nonetheless. I told him about the biolabs and everhthing the other day, only met with a "yeah right, russia is starting world war 3 and trying to take over europe like the nazis."

He is a major war buff, albeit most of the information is probably bullshit, still he has done alot of "research" over the years. With that being said, he called tonight and the first thing he said, "man, you got me with the biolabs. You were on that shit and everyone said it was lies. I finally understand what you have been telling me for the past few years." We chatted for a little while and you could tell everything is starting to click. What a great feeling, took a long time but the guy is basically my brother. just thought i would share as it made my night. WWG1WGA!