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Tell him to ask his doctors about monoclonal antibodies. My dad has stage 4 cancer, and they have brought him back from the brink of death after not listening to me about radiation and chemo.

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Graham puts it in, turtle goes against it, to make the "GOP" fucks look bad to the sheep, the democrats come through to pass it and make the sheep think they are doing good. This shit won't work anymore.

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Yep I can! 5th truth down too, not much scrolling.

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I am just so fucking confused and have been for so long. I cannot seem to find out who in the fuck qanon is. I thought I was researchin' gud and I so confused.

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It's sad that people cannot take 5 minutes and actually check. They think they are smarter than everyone else, you can always tell these types in their replies. Here is an updoot for your troubles :)

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You can download the apk.

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Dandelions are known to be great for the heart. Makes sense why every weed killer commercial calls them "pesky" and "unsightly". Everything they do is to prevent us from not having to pay for their carcinogen ridden petroleum based meds

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Oh we see it, I have to speak for all those around me, while we won't start shit........we think this shit is hillarious and will end shit.

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Holy fucking shit, we literally live in a world where being retarded is the norm for mainstream. Lmao

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This is so fucking funny, I think they were going for scary! Bring it you cunts.

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Lol I said my comment before seeing yours, but makes sense hahah

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I am pretty sure this is how it works - they get some morons to write that TS is having money issues, then they can get away with dropping the price faster and everyone will think it was the article.

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