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Ok so I have noticed that much of the project bluebeam stuff has been wiped or re written on the net. Behold a pale horse was a great source but it didnt have everything. It used UFO threat. (We saw the pentagon release docs) Or the second coming of Jesus (this is the play they are taking as it seems to have garnered support) Now i mention project bluebeam once and im being attacked as a shill. You tell me frens. Am I a shill?

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Ive heard the name, refresh me please... altho i cant blame bill for loosing his marbles because of the weight he carried. I mean in the end he said george knapp was a secret gov agent.

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I saw "Chariots of the Gods" in a movie theater when it came out. Did extensive research ever since. Project Bluebook was "Alien Invasion" setup operation. It's older than that. Crowley had his "Lam" and he and the Wells team came up with an alien invasion scheme as part of the new Magnum Opus or Great Work(ing).

Psy op to cover secret technology and control by fear of outside threat.

Like Ronnie Reagan intimated in a speech. How we could all come together to fight one foe. Yeah, that's how togetherness works.............geezus.

Learn the tech...........would that make you an alien?

"I don't know how/why the pyramids were built so.......aliens."

Psuedo science from satyrs on Saturn V.

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Yea i like that graham guy on joe rogan. Anyway i gotta get outta here. Do some gardening or something, i wasnt ready to come back.