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Factions within factions.

Rome was taken by coups and 'fell' into various hands throughout history.

Deals were made to keep the empire nonetheless. Marriages and trade.

Back-door deals with supposed prior enemies.

The Ptolemies did this in Egypt (See Antony and Cleopatra)....and when the people finally discovered....due to a third faction's reveal.....the 'order' broke down.

Flavians needed a 'catholic' ("universal/one world") religion to solidify and pacify an expanded empire, while co-opting the various factions' messaging/translations of earlier writings seen as messianic.

'Councils' cancelled other cultures' opposition to their manipulations, even and especially the originators of the stories. So when Rome fell that time..... who rose?

Is all rosey with the rosey cross?


The concepts of divine geometry are sound. Those who attempt to manipulate others by it are warlocks.


Apocalyptic terror.........to bring the apocalypse. Proving its own prediction. Some things never change.

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I pack her snorkel first thing every morning. __ Bathhouse Barry.

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Totally agree......lets find out what 'Brahmins of Boston' were involved in slaving and trafficking of all sorts. Lets name names and discover who owned the ships and what factions they represented and so on..........

Yeah, I didn't think so.

Weaklingpodia says

"Slavery in China has taken various forms throughout history. Slavery was abolished as a legally recognized institution, including in a 1909 law, fully enacted in 1910,although the practice continued until at least 1949. Illegal acts of forced labor and sexual slavery in China continue to occur in the 21st century."

Made illegal in China 50 years AFTER the American Civil War.

Sounds like she has her work cut out for her back in the 'homeland'.

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Sort of the neo Madam Chenault or Dragon Lady of San Fransisco

Think chinese laborers, and getting 'shanghai'd' from opium dens.

The game has changed to include the innocent.

Just the facts ma'am.

All of it still going down. Goin down like Chinatown.

It's called trafficking.



The Opium Trail/Golden Triangle (Bush)

Baa Baa, Black Sheep

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Good news!

Maybe we could give the same choice to new NBA recruits after telling them that Oreos can be dunked, and tickets prices could come down.

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I lost a dog that fits your description, if you've found him, please return him to my address in Zurich. ___ Claus Scwabb

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All Actions: H.Res.1154 — 116th Congress** (2019-2020) **

**10/02/2020-**12:34pm On agreeing to the resolution Agreed to by the Yeas and Nays: 371 - 18, 1 Present (Roll no. 218). (text: CR H5652-5653)

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I read the article. Some people actually do that. lol

144,000 is the number of completion.

So to be a 'complete' person is to 'overcome' dualist nature that seperates 'self' from God or the world. That will then sustain you in new ways...."manna from heaven".

The 'semitic' families who hooked up with the Ptolemys in Egypt supplied labor to Egypt.....aka 'slaves' to history. That isn't exactly it......think of today's migrant worker......it's the same story retold.

"Leaving" egypt is symbol for Magick..........and the magical system, and learning what is above it......its symbols........and so 'the children of God, being those who know, 'leave it'............

Having come back and left many times............each book of the Old Testament is .....testament ...to that tale.

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The capstone was originally made of gold.

144,000 is a classic number because it's 12 x 12 to the power of 1000 and this has significance within Divine Geometry. It's also the reason there are 12 gemstones (birthstones for months of the year) on the high priest's breastplate, and why 12 'disciples' surround the 'high priest'.

Are there 144,000 gene combinations?

Sept 23rd is a significant date to the cabal.

On that date this news item was released

The new figure was announced on Monday night by Dr. Randy Scott, president and chief scientific officer of Incyte, at a conference in Miami held by the Institute for Genomic Research.

The number is a sharp upward revision and one that points up how much there is still to learn about human genetic programming.

The C. elegans roundworm was thought to have about 12,000 genes until shortly before its genome was sequenced last year, when it turned out to have 19,099 genes. So humans are receiving the same kind of upgrade in complexity as the worm.

Dr. Scott's company provides genetic information to pharmaceutical companies, as does its rival, the Celera Corporation of Rockville, Md., headed by Dr. J. Craig Venter. Dr. Scott's estimate for the total number of humans genes is double that calculated by Dr. Venter five years ago. At that time, Dr. Venter predicted 60,000 to 80,000 human genes.

So that number was an extrapolation from genes taken from a worm.

Right or wrong, I find the number of the guess interesting.

What is that which is to be overcometh....and then what is Manna from heaven?

"In the Stone written'......

PTR.....the name IS STONE.......it is IN the name.

PeTeR is said to be the Rock of the Catholic Church as symbolic analogy to the actual meaning. 'Peter' is a fictional character.

To him that overcometh, a white stone is given......what is this 'white stone'?

How does it differ from manna?

A NEW name will be written.....

What would this name be and what does it signify?

I'm not asking because I don't know.

I have studied the pyramids on and off my whole life.

More importantly I discovered concepts within.

In fact, one of the original uses of the pyramids was as a physical example of the world as they knew it, and a living classroom for initiates to walk through, with rooms as examples of principles. One entered between the paws of the sphinx which symbolized Anubis who 'guards' the secrets from the profane who don't enter into the lessons.

See Christopher Dunn for information on the alternate uses for the pyramids.

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Damned if we didn't end up poisoning our own well in the end. Goodbye yellow brick road.

And please, don't let your son go down on me. __ Sir Elton

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Spoiler (kek) : "Eagles don't flock, you have to find them one at a time." __ Ross Perot

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Gee, wouldn't investors have a lawsuit against their assets used in criminal activities and then payoffs in fines for said criminal activities? Shouldn't charters be revoked?

Subcommittee on Securities, Insurance, and Investment Total Members: 15

Majority Members (8) Minority Members (7)

Robert Menendez, (NJ), Chairman

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One looks like Phys Ed and the other smells like fish heads. __ #TheRealSloth

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From a Brahmin family yet attended a Jesuit school. Hmm.

Considers himself a 'contrarian'. But then again he disagrees.

Bollywood actors gonna act.

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Why the seventh trumpet, and why a trumpet?

What are these referenced 'seven heavens' and what are the 'seven rays' that Mike Flynn mentions?

Why were there seven angels going both up and down seven runged ladders, seen by Jacob?

What is the ogdoad? Does it come after the seventh?

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During the fall a lot of Roman graffiti depicted a man with a donkey's head on a cross. History lies to tell you what it was saying. What factions led migrant insurgencies under political and religious 'oppression'? They eventually ruled Rome.

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