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CanadianPedeMan1571 2 points ago +2 / -0

I, and I'm sure most on here, have seen what Maxey has been posting about the last few days. So I had a pretty good idea what the content was going to be about and was hoping for more concrete info and sauce to go with those posts and hoping something was actually going to be done with it. So now that I took 30 minutes to listen, I am very convinced it isn't all hot air for once and he is doing something important. There is no time stamp to a certain point that is the one take away. I agree if it was it was a topic out of left field and an hour plus video, give me some more info before I watch it. What set me off about your comment was that you wasted 8 minutes of your life before you stopped. Pretty arrogant sounding and clueless to me.

bcfromfl 1 point ago +1 / -0

Perhaps you missed that this thread was cross-posted on Patriots, too...that's a giant red flag to me as well. After spending eight minutes, it became clear to me that this was for updoots. To each their own...