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Key Findings:

A Ukrainian businessman named Volodymyr Verbonol and partners were behind the company that owned the ammonium nitrate shipment.

The company was part of a sprawling, decades-old network involved in chemical trading since at least the early 2000s.

The network disguised its operations behind at least half a dozen trade names and various strawmen and shell companies.

Offshore service providers in Cyprus and the United Kingdom facilitated the network’s operations.

How many Anons think these chemicals were kept in Beirut to create some nasty weapons and got destroyed when the black hats, perhaps, panicked at that time?

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Oh, yes, there were lots of vids and arguments like that. But the point is, if for some reason you wanted to set off a huge bomb in a city, what better way than to have a boat or warehouse full of an explosive and leave it there a few years. Then there's the tragic accident. In this case it is covered up by a charge dispute and the negligence of the port authority who let it stay there. They all look bad and point the finger at each other and nothing is really resolved. I'm suggesting it could be deliberate sabotage by someone who didn't mind waiting a year or so.