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Johnson and Johnson created one of the "vaccines".

This was at a rally for a television doctor.

Trump said that he'd see the guests "later".

I feel like maybe that's important.


Further research: At around the one hour mark, he talks about Woody Johnson of "Johnson and Johnson", mentions he has a shit ton of cash, then mentions his wife Suzanne, and notes that she's from Ukraine.


He has supported RINO Republicans like McCain and Jeb, but then switched to Trump.

He was ambassador to the UK under Trump.

He described Jan 6 as "a dark day".

Okay, I'm starting to think maybe there's some truth to the idea that Trump is just highlighting Deep Staters, or that maybe he just knows how to get along with incredibly rich political opportunists.

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I personally feel that while Trump is the single best political personality in my lifetime that he is totally not perfect. In light of Q and a larger plan and our constant search for comms and truth i think sometimes we get a little carried away in every nuance being planned and every single solitary thing being something more. Personally i have struggled with some of his personnel and some of the people he is friends with and promotes. I think some of them arent good, and wont do right by America etc. Personally i think Dr Oz is a disaster, lots of weird overlapping associations and i dont think Oz is truly America first. I think Trump gravitates towards people who like him and promote him and is not always aware of their full past and possible issues with their decisions in the future. And how could he? How much time does one man have to autistically deep dive into every single person he associates with? I think as always we have to use our judgement and evaluate and still support him. Most of his choices are good, many of his judicial picks have been amazing at the lower levels. Supreme court picks for me have been a disaster 2/3. I think Gorsuch is mostly solid and Barret and Kavanagh are a huge disappointment. So all of that to say, he could be friends with people and they could still be not good people. If i am being conspiratorial the fact that the media is now trying to squash the JJ vaccine and promote the other disasters actually lends credence to the possibility that that one is not the same as the others and is not under the thumb of the deep state ulterior motive crowd. Time will tell but stay vigilent