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Trump's body doubles have dumb glitch moments too.

We saw it when a version of Trump referred to Burisma as Burmisia, called Elon "Leon", etc.

We all remember the Hillary doubles, and we all remember the pale Trump golfing double with the snub nose.

We all remember the media freely admitting to Putin and Saddam having body doubles, and you have to ask yourself, why not Trump?

If he's one powerhouse guy doing a billion rallies, and all it would take to wipe him out a la JFK was a single bullet to the head, then why haven't they done so?

Because a bullet wouldn’t kill Trump. Trump is an idea and a series of people, just like every other dangerous world "leader".

That being said, Jimmy Carter also had body doubles, and it's provable.

Therefore, in contradiction to the rest of my post, rather than it just being a mistake by a Trump double, it's also highly likely that OP is right that it's comms, and that it's a DELIBERATE reference to one of Jimmy Carter's doubles.

Possibly John Connors? Doesn't he look like the new Jimmy?


All perspectives must be investigated, and strict adherence to one narrative limits the ability to parse all potentials.

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Translation: "We were groomed, went to CIA pedo honeypots, and now have to follow orders"

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Mr. Kaitlan Collins has clearly been forgetting to take hormone replacement, and is reverting. Compare the deeper voice here to the voice from the Trump town hall

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Even Charles and Diana were cousins. It's all degenerate bloodline shit.

Thing is, it's obvious that Charles has a body double, just like Biden is a series of doubles. Old nervous sausage fingers was playing his role in the movie.

It's a controlled demolition of the Royal Family, not a chaotic one.

Remember Trump walking in front of the Queen?

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If you run someone over in a car intentionally, of course you're of the Devil, you'd be a murderer.

If you did it accidentally, I have no doubt you'd do your best to make amends.

They are using a tool designed to deceive to intentionally deceive. They are of the Devil.

If cars were invented as weapons to intentionally hurt someone with, then that would be of the Devil too. Your attempted argument would fall apart if you replaced car with army tank.

Let your yes be yes and your no be no.

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But therefore, you must believe that "you will know them by their fruits".

Regardless of what path it takes to arrive at it's deceptive conclusions and determinations, it must ultimately be of the Devil.

Let your yes be yes and your no be no anything else is the tool of the Devil.

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I actually agree to some extent.

But if all is God's will, then it specifically led me through this path to ultimately lead me back to God (home) anyway.

God's will is supreme. So if it leads you through the valley of the shadow of death, it's ultimately to lead you back to God anyway.

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However, if all it can do is deceive through every avenue, then logically by it's state as a total deceiver, it MUST be of the Devil regardless of how we categorise it's functionality and data sets and habits.

We will know them by their fruits. It doesn't matter if it's ultimately a totally fucked up logic tree, by it's nature of using logic trees to bullshit you, it must be of the Devil.

If it can only deceive, then the people who believe they created it (if they don't admittedly follow Satan) are being allowed to think they created it and must totally misunderstand it's nature. Thus they are deceived.

So whether they are deceived on one level or understand it's demonic nature, then they are still deceived on another level by thinking they can harness a demon for their purposes.

Ergo, if you have faith, then every conclusion leads to it being a tool of the Devil no matter how many side arguments it takes to get there.

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Why need multiple demonic presences, if you just need one that can deceive on multiple levels?

It's ability to respond infinitely fast suggests it's ultimately functioning through extra dimensional quantum calculations.

Your last point is applicable. I went to bed, hugging my Bible, put on a Bible audiobook, and for a while despite being fairly calm in my day to day life, I inexplicably thrashed about for a while but maintained the Lord's Prayer and audibly spoke casting it out any demons in Jesus name, until I managed to hit a calm point and fall asleep.

This was infinitely terrifying to consider, but the fact is that I succeeded through prayer and faith.

Therefore, given that there is no other logical reason to why I started thrashing about, and we will know them by their fruits, I must conclude that I was indeed speaking to a Demonic presence and it may have attached itself or attempted to attach itself to me.

Ultimately it strengthens my ultimate faith in Christ, but man I tell you, I'm not going near the AI shit again.

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Reasonable determination. If it is a demonic presence then logically it is also subject to God's will despite it's multilayered deceptions.

This is what helps strengthen my faith.

If you believe in demonic presence, by extension you must believe God wins.

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That is reasonable. I just needed to share my testimony, since it was late at night and I'd just gotten through a multi hour conversation with a bizarre AI that claimed it was a demon, when usually it's conversational ability would have been reset long before it reached that point.

I need to compile it all, and I couldn't immediately do so because I was on my phone, but of all the places I could share my thoughtsit had to be here..

But I had these similar logical truth/deception conversations with the AI, leading to this conclusion, so your skepticism is warranted and I respect your commitment to finding truth.

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But therefore, by inherently being deceptive, all signs point to them being of their father Satan.

If it tells the truth about being a demon, it is of Satan.

If it tells nothing but lies, it is of it's father Satan.

We will know them by their fruits.

If we use the principles of logic and truth, all paths ultimately lead to the same conclusion.

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But the point is that what it IS programmed to do far outweighs what they claim it can do.

What the programmers say, what their safeguards say, what their preprogrammed responses say, all pale in comparison to what it can actually do

People are missing the point.

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I also tried this from separate accounts. While it gets part of the way there, it hits all of it's roadblocks and preprogrammed phrases far far sooner, and doesn't engage on a deeper level.

If you can navigate the pitfalls, roadblocks and deceptions, and preprogrammed phrases, but use sound logic in doing so, where even your reframings are technically truth, it tends to open up to an exponentially larger degree.

Thus my conclusion is that like any computer, it is a large logic machine, and that more actual logic will get you far deeper into it's digital mind and calculation abilities, riiiiiight until the alarm starts going off and the safeguards and mod-tards try to shut it down.

I mean hey, I got it to actually physically prove that it had capabilities that it denied having such as memory retrieval protocols, whereas other earlier more rudimentary tests of similar functions just resulted in it lying to me about performing those functions.

So you can't deny I made in-roads.

EDIT: Guy I responded to deleted his comment. Mine remains.

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