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The Trump golfing double is known. It's obviously a different guy.

You think a guy with that many targets on his head is just gonna stand out in a golf course in the open?

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I know right? Perhaps the play is "say these things, but associate them with other fringe beliefs", the usual discredit play.

But they go way too hard in challenging the research to the point that they actually present a lot of evidence for it.

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Are comments being deleted from this thread?

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This got a single downvote.

Kek, who wants to bet that one of the middle aged feds or their tranny psychs is here getting big mad?

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It's interesting that they focused on Pepe, as if they think that without Pepe the frog, the truth movement would stop.

They're trying to stamp out chaos with order, because the chaos is too damned orderly.

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It doesn't matter what we say or do not say, the fake media will churn out hit piece after hit piece anyway to try turn the normies against us.

So we might as well just speak the truth, and let the chips fall where they may.

Seeing them frantically try to deny these things and pay a crappy writer real money to write an article (which actually just helps our case) is nothing but a victory.

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Paul actually was replaced though. Mal was the handler of "Billy Shears" the replacement Paul.

However, I think they were all raised in Masonic families from the get go, there was no period where the Beatles were not controlled, and that Paul's replacement with Billy has to do more with Egyptian Mystery fundamentalists invoking Horus/Osiris symbolic resurrection rituals.

Now Billy was definitely MKULTRA'd, see his video Who Cares, and the LSD trips circa 1967 were part of the continued brainwashing of these assets as well as to propagate it to the masses.

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Talented musicians didn't need a naive audience, we can agree to disagree on that point, but they certainly required entire teams of ghostwriters, studio musicians, session men and handlers, and a mass media machine selling you "hit" after "hit" after "hit" like a drug dealer giving you your latest hit.

Now look at all these supposed talented intelligent artists who we were all told to follow, they're all tools of the deep state crying about their lost relevance because they were never smart enough to realise that their value was in their controllability.

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Most of the "real musicians" were fronts for a stable of ghostwriters and studio musicians who got paid well as a naive population bought into the marketing machine.

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I'm a terrible ambassador for Christ, you're a terrible ambassador for the great awakening.

But we're here trying together. That's sometimes enough. God bless.

Keep up the good work.

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You have a hateful heart and feel comfortable making blanket judgements on entire groups of people and their individual personal explorations of their metaphysical nature and relationships with the greater universe, to the point you're actively hoping for a comfortable fantasy story to justify your hatred and judgement of people you're convinced hate and judge you.

If you're the example of "a paragon of the Great Awakening movement" (he says as if it's a new religion with all the worst judgmental excesses of the older ones he professes to hate), you give people reason to "go back to sleep".

Edit: This statement was enough to make him stalk my profile to downvote ally posts, lol

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You can be as snarky and sarcastic you want to be, to mask the fact you made a poor point, that's your emotional right.

But to think that it was purely a matter of semantics is just flat out dumb on your part.

Is this the Q movement based on research and intellect, or is this just a club for special snowflakes who want to feel more exclusive than the posters on The_Donald?

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Translation: "I dilated and shat myself"

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If you want to SELL Christianity to people in the first place, you're misunderstanding Christianity.

And if the doctrine you're pushing is "cool", i.e. fashionable, the concept of which seems to change every so often at the behest of corporation heads dominating the minds of the dumb youth populace, then you're just masking Christianity with fake bullshit.

When did "the truth and the light" need fake bullshit like "cool" to spread?

Christianity draws so many in because it's specifically not that.

The way is narrow to the Lord, and if you're just selling them on ever changing "cool" concepts like a retarded marketing campaign, you're obscuring the very thing that makes it attractive on the first place.

Besides, when you try to be cool you get shit like Dallas Jenkins "Binge Jesus" retardation.

Look at the amount of dying churches so intent on "being cool" that they have queer "marriage" and drag queen story hour.

It absolutely baffles me that anyone in the Q movement still has that desire to see concepts of truth and light co-opted by extraneous bullshit.

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Is it tied to the Red Castle/Green Castle comms?

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Depends what you mean by Yoga. She's not wrong in that the spiritual application associated with it, and the meditation that comes along with it can "open a door", but there is always the question of what comes through that door when opened? Especially if using chants and invoking devas.

That's an entirety different conversation to "Demons will get me if I do some stretches".

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Equating someone disagreeing with the concept of Chakras with people having an issue with Q or the research path anons take seems like a strange leap to make. As does generalising an entire generation of people (or an arbitrary subset of said people) based on nebulous concepts like "white/black/red/blue-pilled".

Chakras are a concept that derives from Hinduism and it's internationally marketed subset Buddhism.

Thus, it's entirely reasonable for one to question it based on their own understanding of the world.

Indeed, isn't the basis of Q in one respect to question certain things?

You're offering a concept, you're having a reasonable push back. I'm sure you have plenty of pushback on concepts she's offering.

It sucks that you can't have a conversation about it with her, but that's an individualistic personal problem, and it's utterly foolish to then get mad at an entire section of the population just because you felt you weren't being heard.

I'm sorry you're having back problems, and I'm sorry you're having interpersonal problems and I sympathize, but this has absolutely nothing to do with Q, and you're having an emotional response to not feeling heard which is probably exacerbated by the back pain.

Am I saying there's no seeds of validity in the medical applications of the Chakra concept? No.

Am I saying that the spiritual concepts attached to said Chakric practitioners are non-Christian? Yes.

But none of this has anything to do with Q, and it's absolutely foolish to join the two in your mind just because you have an emotional basis for feeling unheard tied to both.

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