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Interestingly, that means they met (and Jill was possibly promised to Joe, via mob father Dominic Giacoppo) in 1963.

1963 is an auspicious date for many reasons, not least of which was the Kennedy assassination.

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Can't wait to see GEOTUS.

P.W is coping hard about the Q stuff

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I don't even know what to say.



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I just want to say, I appreciate that this thread sparked so much discussion, and I appreciate each and every one of your thoughts and interactions.

It's a fascinating collection of different rational opinions and responses, and I find it helpful and healthy to discuss ideas like this.

Too much of the modern world centres around limiting the examination of reality.

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God bless, fren! Christ be with you!

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Thank you, man! It's just as encouraging to receive such words from you.

When do you ever see sentiments like this on the other side of the fence? Even their posts about love and coexistence are angry and divisive.

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Oh, absolutely. And I can't really fault them for that thinking.

It's the ultimate expression of sticking to your ideals, that you'd rather die by your own hand before dishonor.

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Day in the sun is an interesting turn of phrase, considering...

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Hang in there, fren. Find Jesus. The darkness doesn't immediately disappear, but faith will give you that strength.

I've had lots of ups and downs, grief and mania, but I've found it monumentally helpful to gradually reframe my thinking.

Not that the grief and anger isn't justified. We're all with you on that journey.

Some days are easier than others. Sometimes it all gets too much, other times you wanna throw yourself in and dig.

Take each day at a time. Each day is a step in the sand, and you've got millions of foot prints beside you.

Hope you manage to make today a positive one, man. Make some nice food. Have a nice shower. Do as much or as little as you feel able or willing right now. There's no right way to handle the day, but whether you feel like it or not, you've made progress today and the same goes for all those other frens and family alongside.

Jesus be with you, my friend. Take care.

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That's actually a fascinating point. But what of those who invest wholly in the "current narrative"?

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Desperate broken crazy shattered minds to desperate, crazy things.

You don't think that will adversely affect the rest of us?

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I don't necessarily think it was liberation. Liberation from one system and thrown into another.

That being said, with the brutal inhumane acts committed by the Japanese soldiery, it's not like they were a shining example of the image we have today of "traditional Japan with tea and cherry blossoms".

Something other than western military domination had to be attractive to them, as Japan became quite obsessed with US culture for a time. Though that's probably just the effects of US mass media as a salve on the fractured defeated mind of Japan.

Interestingly, as far as "culture wars" go, it seems that the Western world is now obsessed with Japanese media to the point that Western media is almost an afterthought to Westerners.

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If such a thing existed, it would have to be delivered almost invisibly via chemtrail method, ironically a respiratory airborne inhalant.

If the government admits the mass harm done by the jab, then nobody will trust that same government or a different government to then give a cure for THAT, especially if delivered via injection.

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Of course not. But it doesn't mean that they aren't either.

Thus, we must continue to pray for them all, as we pray for our fellow countrymen and family and frens.

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The left can't meme

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