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Johnson and Johnson created one of the "vaccines".

This was at a rally for a television doctor.

Trump said that he'd see the guests "later".

I feel like maybe that's important.


Further research: At around the one hour mark, he talks about Woody Johnson of "Johnson and Johnson", mentions he has a shit ton of cash, then mentions his wife Suzanne, and notes that she's from Ukraine.


He has supported RINO Republicans like McCain and Jeb, but then switched to Trump.

He was ambassador to the UK under Trump.

He described Jan 6 as "a dark day".

Okay, I'm starting to think maybe there's some truth to the idea that Trump is just highlighting Deep Staters, or that maybe he just knows how to get along with incredibly rich political opportunists.

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I believe he is a RINO because it is my opinion, I don’t have proof in hand, WEF member, good with lockdowns, prior Democrat. He is a good example why I feel you shouldn’t hold dual citizenship. You can only have allegiance to one country. He reportedly voted in 2018 Turkish elections, but didn’t bother to vote in the U.S. His In laws are corrupt hiring illegals and breaking OSHA regulations fo a buck. To me that right there is a conflict of interest with big business. I think Trump has something on him and made a deal. He knew he was well liked in entertainment, and felt promoting someone who was liked would get him in Congress and a sure vote. If he doesn’t vote the way he needs to, the white hats will put him.