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They have been prepping us.. the sheep to not freak out.. just like you would for a child or pet They used every instance to prepare us for this moment (2 weeks from now 😜). PPE grants for biz, unemployment checks, paused rent = dry run for everyone to be paid for extended time.. just pausing our economy

Shortages.. food, supplies etc. = prepping us to be more self-reliant, less dependent. .. get used to seeing less

High gas/energy prices…. Cut of unnecessary spending and travel,..

Masks/vid = online schooling systems set up, working from home, tele-health, create new habits and priorities

Pompeo post about 2022 year of the parent …. Our Father who art in heaven

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When the pandemic first hit and there was a toilet paper “shortage” I thought it may have been manufactured to get people thinking about stocking up (a bit) but without having an all out panic and run on food. Either genius military planning, or just dumb luck. Either way, it resonated with most people who probably bought some extra food just in case, but didn't trigger outages.

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I bought and installed a couple $40 bidets. They do the job and a future tp shortage just means I'll have a wet ass.

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I've had bidets for almost 15 years. A trip to Japan exposed me to them. Ever since then, it's hard to think of all the poop butt people running around. I call them "poop butt round eyes" to all my Oriental descended friends. We all have bidets and it's an inside joke, but it still makes me smile. Before I get flamed, I am half Korean and the term Oriental is not offensive. It literally means Eastern People. The opposite term is Occidental and, you guessed it, it means Western People. Anyone that tells you it is a pejorative is full blown retarded. Just point at them and laugh, they hate that more than anything else.

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This is next level prepping. And here I thought I was doing well having bought a life straw to make clean water.