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They have been prepping us.. the sheep to not freak out.. just like you would for a child or pet They used every instance to prepare us for this moment (2 weeks from now 😜). PPE grants for biz, unemployment checks, paused rent = dry run for everyone to be paid for extended time.. just pausing our economy

Shortages.. food, supplies etc. = prepping us to be more self-reliant, less dependent. .. get used to seeing less

High gas/energy prices…. Cut of unnecessary spending and travel,..

Masks/vid = online schooling systems set up, working from home, tele-health, create new habits and priorities

Pompeo post about 2022 year of the parent …. Our Father who art in heaven

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The formula thing is a BIG wake up call for people I think. Suburban mothers are seething at the dems and the fake BIdan administration for this along with the gas prices. The silver lining is that that suburban mothers are now looking back to the 1930's-50's and finding very good recipes for homemade formula that is magnitudes more healthy than the powdered crap they used to buy so yes self reliance is being learned in a lot of areas and I see more gardens this year than I ever have in my entire life. Seems everyone is growing food and learning how to be a little more self reliant in that area as well. This is all a good thing.

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Google "make your own baby formula". The DS assholes are busy telling us its dangerous and irresponsible....just like ivermectin and every other method for avoiding the effects of the little hand-grenades they keep lobbing at us.