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Scavino is great at posting stuff that makes you think something big is about to happen.

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Excellent reminder. I do sometimes begin to think/say "I knew better".

In fact, "He" told me NO before I had gathered any real facts at all.


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Be sure to congratulate them for getting these "vax firing" lawsuits out of the way so they can get prepared for the "You forced me to get vaxxed to keep my job and now my health is ruined" lawsuits.

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OK. Trump had every right to expect the health pros (including military) to give him the best advice.

Did the military TELL Trump this info?

Is Trump expected to read every military document himself? Trump took heat for pushing Ivermectin--and other methods of TREATMENT vs vaxxxing for 2+ years. You think he wouldn't have rubbed such a discovery in their faces, rather than endure the shit from those ankle-biters?

Use logic. Trump didn't know about the military report. He pushed the Ivermectin info he had and endured abuse for doing so.

Fauci and the CDC etc were still MOCKING Ivermectin into 2023.

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The answer always starts with "Trump had every right to expect that our permanent 'Health' potentates had actual solutions (a decent vax and effective treatments) to the problem he demanded they remedy."

Then adding some version of "Trump knew enough to encourage TREATMENTS like Ivermectin (excoriated for it, but ahead of the "science" community on that one) monoclonal antibodies (which he declared HE took when he got the flu)...etc etc.

HE kept a clear head, knowing Covid wasn't much of a threat to the vast majority.

He defended Americans from the entrenched regulatory health Nazis that wanted FORCED IMMUNIZATIONS, attempted to encourage states to avoid/end shut-downs. He encouraged now-known-to-be-effective treatments and supplements that the entrenched "science pros" mocked at first.

TRUMP WAS RIGHT. He's now been PROVEN right.

The "Trump's vax was bad" douchebags rely on jingoism and ignorance to lie to the know-nothings. We all need to engage these assholes everywhere we see their stupid arguments and humiliate them.

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It was fully tested by 2018 or 19....and it is now proving to be doing exactly what they created it to do. Never forget.


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If I thought I was really in contact w/ the spiritual realm I'd know 2 things:

  1. The spirits aren't good, because God forbids consulting w/ demons. Angels wouldn't participate.
  2. Everything they communicate would ultimately be a lie.
  3. Once I realize what I'm dealing with, I'm in the wrong for being there any more.

God's word says NO. You can't go wrong by following that directive.

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We are all leaving this dimension at death, some will go to hell after being judged, some will go to Heaven.

The Bible says that Hell is a place created for the devil and demons, after Satan's rebellion. Humans now get sent there too.

Demons can't block us from God by trapping us in some dimension...they can't even save themselves from the judgement that's coming.

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There's too much dirt on him. I'm open to being convinced, but here are the reasons I dislike him intensely:

I don't often "just trust my gut" but this dude sets my Christian discernment bells off.

He projects a NAUSEATING sanctimoniousness in every public speech or comment that I can remember.

I wanted to laugh when I read about his "never alone w/ a woman that's not his wife" routine. Direct copy from Billy Graham. I don't think grown women have anything to fear from Mike Pence.

"Mr. Perfect" physical fastidiousness combined with the ugly wife...classic "beard" scenario. And not the kind of "beard" a gay guy would want. The OTHER kind.

Question: Does anyone have an explanation of why Mike Pence doesn't get DESTROYED by the media/propaganda machine? He hits every mark for what the machine hates (his policy positions and religious expressions). AND every mark for what the media loves to go all "thou hypocrite!" on, but they just ignore him.

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Yeah. Like head of HR has been vaxxx sick for 3 years and wants to spread the misery.

Seriously, it IS malicious. Pfizer has ADMITTED it makes people sick. Would really love to know who is still extorting for the vaxxx.

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Bitch. We all knew it, but it still pisses me off to hear it.

"Group retribution" is a thing? Cool. Massively disproportionate criminality and violence...she didn't do any of it, but "String her up!"

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Squirrelly little faggot should remember he might not need any help if he'd quit vacationing all over on government planes w/ his SS entourage. Especially after he took 6 MONTHS off as "family leave" for a baby that neither he or husband had to pitch a single grunt for.

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September is when DJT can cash in stock.

DJT is betting that NON-Soros appeals courts will at least reduce fines substantially.

MORE important, dragging his feet on funding, plus using bonds allows him to bridge the short-term cash crunch the Globohomos were attempting to complicate his campaign.

W/ the big media merger, he only has to make it to September to be able to pay ALL awards plus fund his own campaign.

In reality, he will do much much better than that. He'll reverse some decisions and get a Soros judge/prosecutor or two's head on a pike.

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A bond ends up costing you about 20% of the amount pledged, so if he funded half himself his cost will be around $175 million x .5 = $87.5 million ...then x .20 = $17.5 million.

Therefor his cost $17.5 million if he wins appeals...quite possible.

Instead of coming up with $480 million @ 9%?

Trump has been winning his ass off.

Plus--5 months away...Trump cashes out the "DJT stock offering". Estimated $3.5 B...@ $30/share...currently 50.55/share = $5.7 billion in cash.

Trump can easily pay the full fines plus whatever they come up with by November, PLUS fund his entire campaign.

Bottom line...Trump played this whole thing to put in as little as possible up front, extending the time-line to his big media cash-out. Mission accomplished. Ankle-biters? Suck it hard.

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That LSU team has that attitude, for sure. I half expected someone to take a swing @ Clark after the game.

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The border deal seemed like it was ready to go and have his signature until Trump and some others made a fuss over it. A deal that built in forgiveness for many illegals and planned allowance of more over time. Illegals. I don't hate him yet, maybe he's at the mercy of realpolitik, but I don't love the compromises he's seemed willing to make.

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Dollars are fungible. Minus 6% here, minus 10% THERE...those reductions actually come out of real service to real Americans...the Shit-dealing cabal organs in those agencies experience NO LOSSES.

DJT has it figured out. Brand new Space Force.

There IS NO REFORMING institutions.

FBI? Burn it to the ground. CIA? Same. There's no other way.

Johnson's piece-meal "funding reforms" tell us 1 of 2 things:

  1. Johnson is 100% swamp and trying to avoid real reform. Run over him.


  1. Johnson isn't ABLE to even PROPOSE real changes at the Federal agencies...*(much worse...means we are very close to annihilation via fake reforms and unable to effect real changes anywhere).
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This common whore is going to do the bidding of the cabal...almost directly.

Put more $$ pressure on DJT, on top of the cabal's lawfare, and make him wait to be considered the nominee, knowing that the big $$ doesn't come until Trump is nominated. delay delay delay

All she needs to do is slow him down. And if the cabal succeeds in knocking him out in ANY way, she's the beneficiary.

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He could get $500 million at 9% interest bond via loan from someone like Deutsche Bank. His R.E. interests pledged to the bank for 2 years.

I've also read that he could make $billions (1-4) on his interest in Truth Social, etc...

I think he waits until all the amount shakes out, then goes to SCOTUS. If that fails, he puts together a deal for himself w/ loans.

Imagine the irony if Deutsche Bank, the "victim" in the big $350million case, ended up posting his bond!!

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His problem really started when poor Meathead "aged out".

That's when the priest and the priest's friends lost interest in little Michael.

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