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These last few years, I would say I identify as Christian. However, with that comes the knowledge that I'm not really an example of what Christ wants me to be.

Among the shitposting and memeing, the worldly politics and mind-bending comms games, and the gradual dissipation and breaking down of an entire fake media matrix, how does everyone manage to stay uplifted?

I get hopium fixes from the usual crew we tend to listen to, but that really only covers geopolitical matrix games. It can be hard to maintain faith in one plan, let alone God's ultimate plan.

How do we navigate this in a Christian way?

Do you guys have any preachers or pastors, or biblical decoders you listen to? Any podcasts, audiobooks, videos?

I don't want to hyperfocus as much on the deceptive war games and get lost in a mental fog of war.

I guess I just get a bit terrified sometimes, that the earthly things are distracting me from really getting to a good place spiritually.

I know we all generally share similar values, and I respect the opinions of those able to see past at least some of the curtains of the show.

I guess I just wish I knew how to do more to bring Jesus into my life.

Any advice from wiser crazies than I?

Love ya, you nimble navigators.

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Thanks for the suggestion and about my brother. That means a lot.

I get it, regarding the anxiety and health stuff. Sorry you’re having challenges as well. Small things. Think of small things to help. Doing random things like... letting someone go ahead of you in line at the store. I’m always surprised at their reaction- like “omg, someone is being NICE to me???” One thing leads to another. Or donating some things. You don’t really have to interact with anyone very much. If you have a craft, you can donate some of what you make. I know a guy who makes beautiful cutting boards and donates them (leftover wood projects.) Just some ideas. But with meditating- just anything that you can say in your head repetitively helps get you in that zone. It doesn’t specifically have to be a prayer. Hang in there!