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Moose_Antlers 2 points ago +2 / -0

I have a Twitter account. I created it in 2013 when I had a college professor who insisted on using it to announce when grades were posted following a test. He refused to send out an email notice or anything similar. So, you had to make a Twitter account and follow him. I still have the account, and it's exactly in the same state as yours, with nothing on it. I don't use it, having had no need to after finishing his class.

I would not be considered a "monthly active user."

As I thought about this, it would be possible for me to have a whole bunch of people followed, but, then because I never log in or interact with the service, my numbers would never change. No new follows. What Twitter gets their panties in a twist over and what the blue checks care about is the shifts in followers. Is a person popular and adding a lot of new followers. That can only happen with active users.

Empty accounts, but still actively managed? Sock puppet account or bot becomes highly likely. And it'd be lazy botters too. A proper bot will fill in the basics to try and make the account look more legit.