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Hey man. Yea, I'm still floating around. You guys can always PM me, of course.

Apologies, I haven't got to some of you out there lately.

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In all fairness, you should try listening sometimes. She outclassed you in wit and intellect.

...and also tact!

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I don't know all the details, but you'd have to check the Logs to find out.

Actually, I dont know if there are logs if you delete your account...

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I know the why and how, but I am unable to speak. 🤐

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If some other anons are doing this please connect us.

I'm doing it.

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"It wont be voted down" "We dont have a democracy."

Based on your logic, how could we have voted "Yes" on Issue 1? Either the system works or it doesn't.

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Hey, I thought "no self promotion" was a rule on this site?

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Abortion will need to be voted down, just like any other law. That is fair.

Needing 60% to amend the constitution is not fair. As a matter of fact, its stupid. You are being selfish, and only thinking of your parties domination on a single issue. How sad.

Politicians dont give a fuck about you. They crave money and power, and you voted to give it to them like a sheep. Wake the fuck up, Ohio man.

Ohio did what it always does, uses abortion as a strawman. Kasich did it, all the RINOs do it. The sheep fall for it.

You are playing checkers and not chess. Ohio did not lose a piece. Ohio avoided a trap.

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This forum is really behind on the China stories in general. If you want to know what the next plan for the US is, watch China. It's the fascist testing ground, it's the big fish in the world economy next to us, and their comrade is currently President.

That's why I used to sticky China news as a mod as soon as I found them. Just goes to show you, that GAW shouldn't be one's only source of news. A balanced news diet is optimal.

You can always be pigeon holed into groupthink, even here.

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You probably have an Ohioan living in your home state. Get him in a private conservation and ask him why he left.

And if they pull the "everything is fine" routine, just be like "no really, whats up." or "what do you like better about living here?"

Once they trust you, they will spill the beans, and you will probably hear some crazy shit.

This is why "nothing (everything) is wrong with ohio" is a meme.

Keep in mind, its the 7th largest population in the US. The Cabal uses Ohio as a microcosm of the United States

This means that when Ohio wakes up, that is a major sign the rest of the country is waking up.

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Massive red pill reposted from previous comment:

Ohio is a Masonic Hell Hole.

Ranked the 5th worst state for human trafficking.

New York State beat it for number 4 with only 4 additional calls. Think about this for a moment. This not only includes the city, but also Finger Lakes.

Ohio has the most Masonic lodges out of the entire country, except for its neighboring state, Pennsylvania.

If you dig in Ohio, you will find a lot of dirt.

If you see a distressed person coming out of Ohio with a crazy horror story, believe them.

The name of the game is to make the victims believe they are the crazy ones.

7th biggest population in the country.

Rockefeller left a huge impact there, and is even buried there with a pig benis of an obelisk there.

Theres a lot of things for the Tartarian theorists to dig on out there too. Airships and architecture, you name it.

Theres a Federal Reserve Bank there, but dont you DARE talk about the underground tunnels in that city, or the possibility of them connecting to the Library or the Courthouse next door. Its just a coincidence.

Also, dont talk about the Nazi German-American Bund that was started there by a Nazi spy, Walter Kappe, who disguised himself as a German reporter.

Or the Schottensteins, who were close to Epstein, and Les Wexner, and who even created a Babylonian Talmud.

But beware of the cog diss though. People will turn into Agent Smith and conspire against you for talking about Ohio. It's the darndest shit.

How about the hospitals there? The Cleveland Clinic (CC = 33 - just like Central Casting, right?)

The same area where Trump debated Biden in 2020, and everyone on Trumps side got Covid except Mike Pence. Do the hospitals in University Circle have the facilities to transport a virus to Case Western Reserve?

All down the road from the old Rockefeller mansion, the new Rockefeller mansion, and his grave.

Cleveland wants to be the first 15 minute city, and IBM (who also worked for the Nazis) has built its office right next to the 3leveland 3linic.

Just perfect for Digital ID.

Did you notice the mural next to the Hell's Chicken restaurant nearby. How its a picture of the "Thinker" statue from the Art Museum on one side, and a robot version of statue being programmed by a doctor on the other side?


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