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Don't forget the masks. The masks hide their identify when they do this goofy shit.

There were many angles to mask wearing, one was to hide your identity. The other was to make us a second class citizen as if we were a female in Iran. (Was it that much of a coincidence that hijabs made their way into lefty American's female fashion?)

The other reason was symbolic of the DS taking our first amendment rights.

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Does it even matter if they decide to let all the prisoners out of prison?

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We do know many of their names it's just no one is interested

What are their names? Can you link a source?

There is even an organization raising funds to sponsor Christmas gifts for their kids.

Which organization? What are the names of the children? Can you link a source?

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Yes, but what text book?

This guys a judge. He validates source material from a prosecutor, and witnesses, then passes judgement on people for a living.

He had no problem reciting these lines from his first year in college, but couldn't name the book?

I think the source is fake and the judge ghost-wrote his own opinion of current events.

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You know what sucks about these articles? No source, all opinions.

Zero Hedge cites Daily Caller, and Daily Caller doesn't cite the section in the bill that leads him to his opinion.

I dont doubt that the intention is out there, but when theres a source as solid as a signed bill, why not cite it? When we parrot someone elses opinion with nothing to back it up, it makes us look stupid.

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Look at their front with Microsoft and their stores too.

It was to have an outward presence to clean up all the bad associated with their name. Trying to conjur up that sense of wonder with technology that was prevalent in the 80s.

Back when computers were associated with Bach instead of Borg.

A time before 1984.

The stores shut down during the pandemic. Clearly this phase of the plan was complete.

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Beware the person who jabs you, and then tells the world they're the one who's bleeding.

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Tucker were controlled opposition he wouldn’t be exposing the Jan 6 thing. Those folks in jail for J6 are being treated as bad if not worse than Taliban and Al Qadea.

Can you tell me the names of these prisoners?

Have their family spoke out about not being able to make ends meet without them?

Any fatherless children suffering?

Why isnt the MSM demonizing them like they did Kyle Rittenhouse?

Why do I know the names of the Michigan shooter, and the Waukesha driver, but not the any of the J6 prisoners?

I literally found the Waukesha driver's name, by searching "car guy wisconsin" - something really basic.

The whole thing stinks of a psyop.

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Im honored to be a follower since Day 1. What an amazing journey.

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Keep in mind that white females make up the majority of the voter block.

Now doesnt it make sense why the news is so sensationalized? Or why there's a lot of token blacks?

This is why Robin DiAngelo writes "White Fragility" instead of a black woman.

If a real black woman from the hood wrote "White Fragility", it would turn all the white women from the suburbs off. This is why the Biden Admin picked a light skinned black like Kamala instead of a Stacey Abrams.

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"Noah, from the Bible, was a conspiracy theorist, until it rained." - Dr Zev Zelenko.

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This shit was cracking me up. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 🍻

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Does anyone have the details on these prisoners?

Thats what I'm saying.

What are these peoples names anyways? Where are their families speaking up about their loved ones not coming home?

We got the Michigan shooters name, we got the Wisconsin driver's name, but no info on these prisoners.

Shouldn't there be a media storm around these prisoners? Demonizing them, turning them into terrorists in the eyes of the left?

I think this is a psyop.

Consider this - I found the Waukesha, WI drivers name by searching "car guy Wisconsin".

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I dont think this is from a textbook, and it sounds like the judge wrote this due to recent events.

If someone can find the source material, I'd love to be proven wrong on this.

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