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Wizard of Oz - written a few years before the Fed was created is full of symbolism for the creation of a Fed.

OZ = Ounces (oz) of Gold.

Emerald City = Federal Reserve

Man behind Curtain = Cabal controlling the world by creating an illusion using Fed (world is a stage)

Scare Crow = People without a brain, regular people.

Trump is sending an amazing, powerful, earth shattering message

I am gonna tear down your most prized weapon - the Federal Reserve - and oh, one of your prized asset (Dr Oz) has been helping us take down your pedo networks all this time. Suck on that!

u/trolltide had posted a decode a few days ago about end of fed in May.

We are seeing all the market destabilisations for the past week, including a test run at bringing down one of the stable coins. Russia has the Gold and is destorying the Federal Reserve Dollars. China getting ready to move onto Taiwan as Cabal military can only sit and watch, and their "president" makes a fool of himself.

This is going to be BIBLICAL !

Edited: The message could be even more precise:

I am flipping the Fed just like I flipped your boy Dr Oz. Fed will be my bitch now and do as I say, including liquidating all your asses.

Added Extra:

I believe the market today proved us right. It confirmed that this is indeed the symbolism, because the market had a meltdown - probably the deep state assets in finance trying to jump ship. But this is not the end. If Trump is going to brandish the Fed in their faces you can expect to see all kinds of actions in the coming days. They will be confused and dazed like we have been for far too long.

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