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So what is antarctica, if it's not a continent? Comms here of it being colder now than any time before besides 2004. I've seen comms of blackhats being less prevalent in Antarctica now, if I'm interpreting them right. Is it all just code for a big international op? What kind of op?

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Yes, and also by Arabs and Chinese and Anglos. Heck the people most responsible for the world as it is now is quite possibly the English royal family.

Anti-Semitism is something the cabal pushes, because they can shift blame to "the jews" and because WW2 worked out so well for them. They were in control of Hitler from the very start.

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Everything. It's in everything. You can only just see the obvious ones at first.

Here's Betty Boop showing you how to to take over Hollywood with a sex cult.


Remember how in Supernatural or Men in Black they checked newspapers to get their missions?

The most important information in the world is all hidden in plain sight!

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I think she's dead and they are just waiting to release the info when it suits them. But this is based on basically nothing.

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Welcome to the show. MSM has flipped and is dancing to a Patriot tune. Try not to let the blatant lies stress you out, they are actually on our side at this point. It may not seem that way at a glace, but they know the trap is coming and are still walking gleefully into it.

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Is it just me or did Dr. Shiva's presentation start with a bunch of comms? The blank white screen and then flipped through some odd imagery really quickly.

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Hello handshake with a ton of deleted posts telling us there was no fraud.

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Brain/Brian are code for Mossad.

Serial is an anagram of Israel.

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Look at this page, this whole page is riddled with comms right? Instructions on how to find or interact with some group?


Own a key? I dunno.

"you should never attempt to interact with these animals in any fashion. Even seemingly tame free-roaming horses are easily spooked, and can cause serious injury or death without warning or direct provocation. Additionally, your efforts to feed or pet these animals may condition them to allow others to approach whose intentions might not be as benevolent as your own."

This is good advice for wild horses, but I swear there is double meaning here.

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Because 'these libs' probably flipped long ago. Most flipped parties are told to just go as far left as you can. Many entities you regard as enemies are in fact on our side, Biden for example.

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She's playing up her guilt for the movie. If you really are guilty and don't want to get caught, you shut up, not constantly bring attention to the thing that proves you guilty.

I'm so sick of this movie, but I'm beyond confident it will get better soon.

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If VAERS reports only 1/100th of the actual side effects, that means the vaccines killed almost 1.5 million people!

Hmmm... That doesn't sound even remotely possible... It's almost like you guys completely fail to understand VAERS, and yet still post it constantly to induce fear and division.

You guys are literally no different than covidiots.

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Symbolism comms are the most important thing we can be learning.

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Glad to find an open mind. Wholeheartedly encourage you to read the rest of the blog. He's just scratching the surface, but these comms seem to permeate basically everything we consume. Movies, TV, Music, News, Science. It's EVERYWHERE. Even Oreo releasing it's most stuffed cookie ever was comms to go overboard in election theft. It really is like we're living in the matrix.

You can easily find them yourself too, when you know what to look for, because they are literally everywhere.

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Awww. So cute the way you follow your script.

"Argument has been lost! Accuse opponent of what you're guilty of and retreat!"

Adorable little shill.

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If you can be convinced that an injection into your bloodstream can turn you magnetic, there really isn't a point in me continuing. Have a happy day!

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I mean, why do you think that? Because you were told to? Show me your radioactive isotopes, baby. lol

Japan was not nuked. The testing on Bikini Atoll didn't happen.

Notice anything about the names? Little Boy and Fat Man? Sound at all like something else we're intimately familiar with here? BIKINI atoll?

It's comms. Hiroshima is fine, not a nuclear wasteland. Bikini atoll is fine. Giant radioactive city destroying nuclear bombs do not exist.


You can read up more here.

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Look, you think Covid is overblown and a small risk, right? We can both agree on that? Okay?

So looking at VAERS you can see the reported deaths after taking the vaccine. Understand that when you inject hundreds of millions of people with something, ANYTHING at all, even a placebo, that a system like VAERS will record many deaths that are entirely unrelated to the vaccine, because old people die all the time. VAERS is deaths after the vaccine, not necessarily deaths from it.

But even if we do the absurd and assume every single VAERS death is from the vaccine, the rate of death is STILL lower than covid. And we both agree that Covid is overblown and a small risk right?

Why do you think there is so much misinformation about the vaccines? The magnets sticking to your arm, and don't have sex with the vaccinated, and ADE (which people didn't even know about before they were just told to be afraid of it), and the constant fear mongering "oh my family just got vaxxed and now they're all going to DIE," and the manipulation of numbers to create fear just like Covid.

Who is it that's pushing those lies and why?

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