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I don't think it's going to ruin the country, I think it's going to save the country.

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I'm too stupid and trusting, I'd fall for this in a heartbeat.

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Kim is too anti-American. No likey.

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Much of modern Christianity seems to have been warped to be quite the opposite of what I personally believe it should stand for. So many people use it to put themselves above others, to exalt themselves. It's one of the main reasons many people have rejected it in modern times.

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Hope you're doing well and in good health, George.

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Marilyn Monroe played a role in popularizing Diamonds in her breakout role of 1953.

Notice her iconic Diamond performance is connected to her famous Playboy shoot. Apparently the original version of the movie had her nude outside of diamonds, but they then switched to a more modest outfit due to Playboy.

Playboy > Diamond connection is likely why when Hugh Hefner exited the world’s biggest uncut diamond was sold.

09/26/2017 Worlds Biggest Uncut Diamond sells for 53m
09/27/2017 Hugh Hefner Death reported

A movie about finding a man to seduce. Which given it was timed to the original Playboy attracting men into buying her pornography….

The connection with Playboy is worth taking a slight detour on…. I show this comm in many posts, but that’s because it’s extremely relevant.

08/09/2019 = Russia Hides a Nuclear accident!
08/10/2019 = CIA Blackmailer Epstein Dead
09/26/2017 = Russia hides a Nuclear Accident!
09/27/2017 = CIA Blackmailer Hefner Dead

The nuclear connection as I’ve discussed in many posts is because of the BOOM symbolism. Diamond as a symbol connects. In fact “Diamond batteries” are a thing for nuclear.

The most expensive cut diamond is called the Oppenheimer Blue above. That’s the same name as the Father of the Atomic Bomb. The name of the Bond girl in “Diamonds are Forever is “Tiffany” (Diamonds) Oppenheimer. She was an actress famous for attaching herself to celebrities.

Consider what you remember from the Hope diamond section. Overthrowing countries! NUCLEAR BOMBS creating submission of massive territories. It fits, and how are these used in modern times?

Who might be a face of modern blackmail?

How about Ray Chandler?

2009: Rachel Chandler is tied to Maxwell and note her habit of tattooing her lip with TRUFFLE.
2009: Prince Philip’s TRUFFLE TREES black diamonds not giving birth.

Symbolism of blackmail not “bearing fruit”. As in Prince Philip wasn’t going to get the scandal.

This changed in 2018 (shown 2 images up) when Prince Philip suddenly bore fruit in his Truffle trees. What happened next?

02/22/2021 Prince Phillip fake Obituary
02/24/2021 Statue of Queen Elizabeth Beheaded: Head has not been recovered
04/09/2021 Prince Philip death.
Jeffrey Epstein: Dies at age 66, 6 Months
Prince Philip: Dies at age 99, 9 Months

These are all comms tied to what is going on behind the scenes with fake deaths. I go over it frequently. They didn’t have to time it so precisely, but doing so allows future events to go more smoothly. This is all part of a long form plan to go public, the more obvious the comms get the easier it will be for the public to recognize what’s actually going on. I have updates in my last 2 posts about these ongoing ops and there’s another one in my update section today.

Update! (barely a few hours after posting) – someone from Telegram saw the subject matter of the post and reminded me of a film focused on a Diamond theft that has a very interesting date!

01/19/2001 Snatch: Diamond heist Film released in USA
01/20/2001 George W Bush inauguration

George W. Bush was coming in and before executive power could be leveraged there was a message sent. Notice key points of the film, the man after the diamond “Cousin AVI” as in the most popular video file format from 2001 online. The name of the film “Snatch” as in stealing + sex. “George” (Bush) gets injured by Brad Pitt when he decides to teach a lesson to poor scam artists. This is symbolic of MK ops being deployed which is what took H.W. Bush out of the “fight” back in the early 90’s.

The film looks to be symbolic of moving problematic files i.e. “AVI” out of the hands of Bush. It was originally released in the UK just before the election and likely was to announce how they would handle a Bush win as it was at the time a toss-up between Gore and Bush. There’s a lot to learn from this film and I may further dissect it (and many other diamond films) in the future. Seeing a George W. Bush symbol being viewed as a mindless fighter for example who simply does what he is told is exactly as insulting as it sounds. It fits the comms as they are about protecting themselves against him.

Don’t misunderstand tho “Diamonds” are connected to blackmail, but that doesn’t mean Diamonds symbolize Blackmail. The actual symbol for Diamond is simple.

The blunt answer is closest to what a child is taught: “Like a diamond in the sky. Twinkle twinkle little star.”

Diamond = Star.

And because Stars are blackmailed it makes the symbol go hand in hand.

You don’t get to become a star without blackmail and as such a diamond can be used to symbolize the blackmail. In a way it is the essence of many a star.

Therefore looking at Diamond comms we can predict there should often be a close proximity to blackmail comms.

For example the most popular modern “Diamond” comm might well be this song from Rihanna.

09/26/2012 Diamonds Rihanna song
09/26/2012 Terramar Founded Maxwell (same logo designer as Obama campaign)

Terramar is the “country” Maxwell set up and had powerful people become “Citizens”. I’ve theorized this is a way to avoid age of consent laws, but it’s unclear to me if that’s the actual point. At the very least it seems citizenship is tantamount to being photo’d as what I suspect is an announcement of blackmailed ally.

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That sounds like a good idea.

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Glad to hear it! Much better.

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How is everyone doing? I hope you're all well.

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Very narrow minded you are.

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I still and forever will believe in a future where all of humanity is 'awake' and we share information equally.

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I dunno, things sure seem like they're heating up.

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I think I dislike Mitch more than the dems at this point.

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NFTs aren't about digital pictures, those are simply test cases. The uses for NFTs are almost immeasurable and the technology will change the world and economy.

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You know Trump can fund things other than his campaign, right? Why do you think Elon is the world's richest person? It's money to fund ops.

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I don't put much value on current uses for NFTs like these trading cards, it's the future uses that will change the world. Right now when you buy games/movies/etc digitally, you don't actually own them, you buy a license to play that game/movie that can be revoked. Or the platform can go bankrupt and you lose access to all the content you paid for.

With NFTs you own the thing you purchased, you can sell it or rent it or if the platform goes kaput, transfer it to a new one.

Basically anything can be an NFT, right now it's a few games, trading cards, stuff like that. But in the future it will be car titles and house deeds, digital authentication certificates for luxury goods (combating fraud, which is rampant in that industry), stock certificates, etc.

Also consider this scenario, imagine a service like gofundme, where you purchase NFTs to fund products you think will do well. Whether it be a consumer products, or art/music/games/movies. You can tie profit sharing into the purchase. Like venture investing, but for the whole world, all handled automatically by the blockchain. Also, the creator of the NFT can add royalties. Make a popular game or song? Automatically get a cut every time it's resold.

Also NFTs can continue to give benefits, you buy an NFT once and the creator can do what is referred to as an 'airdrop' where you get additional benefits. Maybe you buy a music artists NFT music and they can then deliver you admission to a concert once a year or anything along those lines.

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