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The Chinese government via State claims that elements within the United States Military are manufacturing food shortages in rival countries, with the usage of bugs as vectors to pass diseases to crops and wipe out food supply. Directly accuses them of breaching the Biological Weapons Convention.

These are not outlandish claims, as we all recall the US MIL utilizing animals as vectors in Ukraine such as migratory birds to spread pathogens.

Oh yeah, and they also have all the details up about it on DARPA’s public military website. They claim these genetically modified pathogens and bug vectors are used as “countermeasures against potential natural or engineered threats to the food supply chain”. Check it out ⬇️ https://www.darpa.mil/program/insect-allies

So just as the US claims they need to create genetically modified pathogens in Ukraine for “defensive” purposes, they also need to create insect armies with genetically modified pathogens, to “protect the food supply”.

Do you see the pattern here? The US Department of DEFENSE only seems to be engaged in OFFENSIVE activity. They are conducting offensive biological research under the guise of “defence”. And the other world powers are not happy about it. Especially considering these “defensive biological weapons” keep “getting out”.

Now here is the Breitbart article, and they are clearly not buying any of these accusations, but the accusations from the Chinese are significant nonetheless, given the militaristic implications to both Russia and China accusing the US of mass genocide and biological warfare. Also given how much the US has lied about EVERYTHING, we need to take all sides into account. If you believe we can blindly trust the US government, I have many bridges to sell you.

Here’s an extremely juicy passage from the article:

“Experts reached by the Global Times said the Insect Allies is turning this concern into real potential danger. ‘Why do they use insects as carriers? Why does the US build bio-labs near other countries like Russia? When the Pandora’s Box is opened, a series of disasters will follow,’ said an expert. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg as a project with a potential biological weapons threat. In addition to the Insect Allies program, the US has conducted biological experiments around the world in said notorious ‘bio-labs’ disregarding human safety and natural ethics while blatantly violating the ‘Biological Weapons Convention.’”

China State-sponsored media experts sure seem to sound a lot like me 😂


(Shout out to Kelen from InfoWars for the tip on the story)