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Do you really believe the chips are only for impaired people...? If so, why would Elon get one?

That's a question you will have to ask Elon...

"Just don't get one" like the vaccine? What if it is "mandated"?

Really?... If 'they' couldn't get me to take the Vax, Do you really think 'they' going to get me to have a chip implanted(or you?).... Over their dead and cold bodies...

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There are nearly 20 million people in America who swore an Oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”.

So when you conspire with private enterprise to violate the Constitution, you put us in a bit of a predicament.

When you say “The 1st Amendment is not absolute”, you prove that you’re a domestic enemy to the Constitution, and thus We the People.

Military intervention is necessary.

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The MSM have now fully adopted one of the wildest theories by amplifying “Muh brain-chips”. They are peddling the idea that Elon has some sort of dark, nefarious plot to control all humanity with Nueralink brain chips.

If people would actually read these articles, it clarifies that the chips are for tragically injured people to regain neurological function.

And for those of you who fall for this propaganda and who are afraid of “Muh brain-chips” guess what… you don’t have to get one 😂


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Compound this with the Balenciaga photo shoots with court cases and books in the background pertaining to child pornography, Satanism, occultism, etc., and it’s pretty obvious SOMETHING is going on.

And the lack of outrage from the Left is DEAFENING.

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Perhaps it matters more on intent and who controls said Technology...

Is another tower of babel being created via Technology in opposition to God or does God want to use these advancements for the betterment of mankind?...

Time will tell...

What do you think?...

(Btw no one will be implanting anything in my brain I can tell you that)

(ULTRA Pepe Lives Matter)

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"They condemn but not when it's against their financial interests..What this is is a perversion and it's evil. I don't believe that Balenciaga did not sign off on this... These people are cowards.. What's happening in America is evil. It is wrong. These celebrities are absolute cowards."

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Every chapter of this journey seems to unveil the truth slowly to the world...

A satanic cabal controlled the world for generations through manipulation, blackmail, and child abuse...

They want to enslave the world and they hate God...

This is a spiritual war and once you truly see this for what it is... You cannot go back...

The truth is powerful and it's coming in waves...

Apocalypse through unveiling...

God wins...🙏🏻

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You might remember James Baker as the FBI General Counsel who received the information from Sussman, which purportedly showed a secret back channel between a Trump Organization computer server and Russia’s Alfa Bank…

So the General Counsel at the FBI during the Russia Hoax was also the General Counsel at Twitter during the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, where he helped cover it up.

See a pattern?

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.................... and China had arrested "CIA operatives in China" in retaliation for the U.S. government arresting his "client the chief of intelligence of the people's republic of China."

This was found on the Biden Laptop.


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Taibbi is a contributing editor for far-left Rolling Stone and has written a number of Trump-deranged articles over the last few years.

Elon clearly thought this through and knew to have an anti-Trump journalist deliver the information, knowing he couldn’t be attacked as “biased”.


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For me only an individual can commit a crime, not a race.

Yes and No....Basically the entire German population bar some, stood idly by and did nothing while Jews were being rounded up and killed...You don't have to take part in the actual killings but doing nothing makes you just as guilty...

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had a dream about the tribunals going down - two to six mo away at most;

From your mouth to God's ears my man....👌👍🙏🏻

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