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This account has existed since February and yet this is the first and only post on it's feed from two days ago. The account also only has 5 posts in total, 4 of which are in the reply section.

I think if you pair this with the "Sir, we'd like you to confirm" line from Trump's rally, this is a pretty strong indication that Trump is trying to confirm that Q is back.

I'd still like to see something a little more concrete, but this seems like too much of a coincidence not to be deliberate.

It's possible Trump and Q's hands might currently be tied in terms of how strong a proof they can give without violating NATSEC rules. Q is still posting over TOR, after all, so it would seem operational security is still a concern at the moment.

H/T: Lisa Mei Crowley for pointing this one out.


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Now the remaining intellectual acumen of the Liberal Wing of the SCOTUS drops even FURTHER into negative territory with Breyer's retiring and being replaced by a literal cartoon character.


They have nobody in the liberal wing that can match him.


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Its a joke ...smfh

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You can only imagine what could/would have happened to this woman on her own if she wasn't armed...She would be just another stat...

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Didn't say it did....Each to his own....More about how things were then compared to now...

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If this madness keeps up, hate might actually find its way into my vocabulary. For now, I’ll stick with loathsome vile wastes of carbon, the lot of em.

In April, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report found that rates of suicide in Florida had grown faster (https://www.wfla.com/wfla-plus/florida-suicide-rate-up-more-than-national-average/) than much of the nation between 2019 and mid-2021. In its own reporting, Florida health officials have acknowledged (https://www.myflfamilies.com/service-programs/samh/publications/docs/2021%20Suicide%20Prevention%20Coordinating%20Council%20Annual%20Report%20-%20Final.pdf) that the state’s LGBTQ+ youth face elevated rates of mental health challenges and suicidal thoughts.

Sauce (https://thehill.com/changing-america/respect/equality/3543536-floridas-dont-say-gay-law-takes-effect-today-its-impact-is-already-being-felt/)

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Sorry, that might of sounded rude but I get a lot of Morons who just look for confrontation by accusing me of "plagiarism"...They got nothing better to do ....

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Me too...That's exactly how I learned to swim....he just threw me in...lol

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