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How old are you?....Never mind, I got better things to do ....👋🏻

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I'm going to be polite...Who are you and what's your fucking problem? You have been here for a year and contributed Fuck all, And Please tell me where i can cash in my 'upvotes' because that's the only reason I'm here...To garner 'upvotes' then cash them out and retire....

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Seriously?...Get a life...🤡 I have no time for fucking fools...

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Why is it that so many of the people so vehemently against President Trump are also in favor of mutilating children, forced vaccinations, and open borders? We're on the right side of history, Frens.

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"Some days I do not like politics. Hell, some days I hate politics, but I love the Frens and the community of people who earnestly care about the future of our world and see these important truths more than any of that...   It's incredible how far we've made it and I have no doubt that we can go just a little further until the finish line. Take breaks from the news, rest, know that much of this is not for us, and keep a calm, trusting mind towards God throughout it all. Never let your hope be broken despite the burdens the enemy tries to place on you...   What's happening in our world is often too grandiose to comprehend, but we can take solace in the fact that we've never been at such a turning point in our history. Not like we see now...

And we were born for such a time as this, to witness what God will do, to watch the story unfold together. Not alone."

(ULTRA Pepe Lives Matter)

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Oh, I'm so sorry...I forgot that Klaus was a wonderful human being and has our best interests at heart...🙄🙄

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I have to tell you that I cannot stand this 'South African" POS....the most condescending, arrogant and Narcissistic 'comedian' to ever open his fucking mouth....I Can Only hope that he's been vaxxed 10 fucking times with 12 boosters....

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"In retrospect, I'm glad I did my own research before I didn't get the clot shot.

The fact that conscientious journalists like Tucker Carlson are being dismissed while presstitutes like Trevor remain securely entrenched speaks volumes about the state of mainstream media.

And my two cents to you, my dear freedom fighters: ‘Doing your own research’ is more crucial than ever in these dark times."

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