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Can’t say for sure it was from vax, but I’d lay money on it. (Job requirement)

Young, good health, fit. Just fuggin keeled over with heart issue.

I can’t detail. There are frens here I brought to GAW and I prefer to remain anon. Details will dox me.

Throw up a prayer if you’re inclined. I have and continue to. This sucks. I’m going to bed.

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26yo came into ER the other day c/o chest pain (had been for a few days??). A family member finally made him go and he coded and died before they even made it to a ER room.

Many (6 on one unit) young healthy RNs wearing Holter monitors due to arrhythmias post vax. Probably 6m to a year post vaxx.

Vaxxed coworkers have this cold like, drainage and coughing constantly for past couple of months. They cant shake it.

I've seen many newly diagnosed with tumors post vaxx. One young female with pituitary tumor. Her hormones were out of whack. Another with gastric tumor causing blockage. Lots of clots in legs, lungs.

Seems a lot of this is ramping up about a year after vaxx. And it's mind boggling how these people cant put 2&2 together, or they just refuse to as a coping mechanism.

Sorry for your loss, prayers for all.