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My daughter was at a 4th of July get together over the weekend at one of her friends lake cabin. One couple with their children was new to the group. The man, early thirties sat in the shade in 90 degree weather in sweatshirt with hoodie pulled up, sweatpants and even gloves. She assumed he had cancer (and didnt ask.) The next day she struck up a closer relationship with this guys wife. Military forced jabs and now has VAIDS. He has lost all muscle strength, is on oxygen and is freezing all the time. In case she has the opportunity, can you guys help with advice on reversing this before it kills him? My heart hurts.

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What do the cowardly military doctors say? Theyre probably told not to acknowledge the symptoms You should explore legal options.

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I hope they do explore their legal options. Maybe I will find what the doctors have said at some point. I will ask my daughter if their conversations got that far. It's a sad shame what they've done to our military. And anybody else who felt they didn't have much of a choice or were unaware.