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So, I may have a life changing opportunity coming my way.

The problem is that they’re still requiring proof of vaccination and a booster.

I’ve waited years to get the point where I can have a job again. I’ve been relying on my parents financially up until now; I’m finally recovering enough physically to get a job.

I’ve been praying to God every night to protect me and to get rid of these vaccine mandates. I’ve been asking Him to show me the way, to lead me to do what I need to do with this second chance.

I don’t want the clot shot. But if God is asking this of me, and opening these doors is it necessary?

I can’t pay the legal fees to fight it. And my doctors are still asleep. I asked AFLD for an exemption but they wouldn’t give one. Understandable considering what happened to Dr. Gold.

What do, frens? I don’t have the skills to make a fake one, that’s for sure.