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Isn’t it also upheld for anyone working for the federal government, with federal contractors, or receiving federal funds?

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I meant more that seeing “polling” at 4-6% means it’s go time in comms world. Not necessarily that it’s the real approval rating for The Resident.

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This is what I immediately thought of.

Two things came to mind: DS signaling that we’re about to see SHTF/they’ve got a big problem on their hands since no one bothers to do legitimate polling in our banana republic


We won’t see go time until we get approval polls to the 4-6% lost forever.

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Every time I hear of the Red Cross declaring a “national blood shortage” for the first time in its history, I think it’s comms for them having zero trafficked kids/victims for their nefarious deeds.

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Yeah, I have asthma and I’m afraid to do this due to the case reports on interstitial lung disease/ground glass opacities from chronic and acute inhalation.

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When they drop the death count, those 157k to 187j vaccine deaths in VAERS are going to cause massive panic; they’ll have to admit the vaccines caused at least as many deaths and injuries as COVID itself.

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Are we sure this isn’t code for, “they sang like a canary and anyone connected to them is comped?”

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You don’t need photo ID to vote in blue states and cities because your vote doesn’t make it into their predetermined final tally.

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Thanks so much, cats✨

Sticky is unexpected and appreciated. Thanks for all that you do on this site.

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Thank you for the well wishes and the advice.

I have been steadily fixing my diet and exercise regimen since this began—the upside of being injured for so long was all I could focus on was healing myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. The timing just happened to be the opposite of the rest of the world; I am glad that I am well enough and awake enough to see through the fear.

I will have to revisit the Constitution as well as the Federalist Papers. I had some tremendous history teachers—in public school, no less—that pushed us to study those documents in depth. I likely wouldn’t have gotten the same history lessons if I wasn’t in AP classes in my district, but I’m grateful regardless. I’m attempting to learn how to code from home as well for the time being.

I definitely need to keep working on getting tougher skin if I’m ever in a position to lead on that scale. That’s been far slower to develop so far. I tossed the defiance aside in elementary school when I wanted to fit in with everyone else; now I know that was the opposite of what I should’ve been doing. Just have to get back to it.

Thanks for your kind words, and your better take on the situation. It’s not often you get to patiently prepare for what’s come; here’s hoping we have more frens when we get to the other side.

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Thank you for the reminder and the birthday wishes. It’s tough out here but the only choice is to endure.

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Cheers to you from across the pond, Birthday twin! I saw a Telegraph Op-Ed this morning along the lines of what you’ve been experiencing, it sounds like. Hopefully we are truly seeing the tide turn.

I also don’t know the truth; the confusion gets to me in moments like this. Thanks for the reminder to reinvest in hope and faith.

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It’s been an on-going issue for months; the switch flipped sometime in August.

One of them is a descendant of a celebrated Union army leader, and yet finds no issue with the tyranny taking hold of this country today. As a descendant through my grandma’s second marriage of a Declaration signer, I am shaken by how easy it was for that to happen. Reagan was right about us losing everything in just one generation.

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