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Kamala Harris is in Julian Assange’s insurance files.

The full list is available on the internet if only you know how to search.

If she is made President via the 25th, the military may see that as the red line being crossed and act accordingly.

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Weirdly enough, Yahoo news has reported on a Durham twice the past two weeks.

Last week the AG confirmed they won’t be blocking public dissemination of his report.

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It may be nothing, but in case it is something, be on the lookout for false flags.

If you see something, say something.

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Question—what does it say about SCOTUS justices? The new term doesn’t start until October, yes?

Could Roberts/ACB/anyone else on that bench with a book deal be fair game from February to October?

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She is a Dem, yes.

Liz Cheney needs to go next. Or Romney. All sides of the swamp need to be cleaned.

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“The person in charge of voting in Utah has resigned.

Justin Lee, director of elections, is leaving for “another opportunity,” Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson said in a statement Friday.

Lee began working in the lieutenant governor’s office in 2010, under then-Lt. Gov. Greg Bell. In 2012, he was named deputy director of elections, and continued in the position under then-Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox. In 2017, he was promoted to director of elections.

Lee has assisted in Utah’s transition to voting by mail, helped implement updated voting equipment and worked with counties to provide additional cyber and physical security.

“Justin’s faithful execution of election law has been a role model for elections officers across the state and nation,” Henderson said, adding that he has “engendered the trust of the voters. I’m sorry to see him go, but I’m so grateful for his service to the people of Utah.”

Lee said it has “truly been my honor” to serve as director of elections. “Utah is recognized as being at the forefront of elections administration and I’m grateful to have played a small part in that effort.”

A search is underway for Lee’s replacement, Henderson said.“

This site says he’s “leaving to become the director of government of affairs with the Utah League of Cities and Towns.”

But nowhere else is saying that.

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Oh, she issued a statement about how she’s ~concerned about these false accusations~ right after they served search warrants on her house and office.

Literally stealing money from schoolchildren and can’t even admit she was in the wrong.

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That’s the thing—if they’re Bribing the Bidens, they set the price.

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Want some visitors, fren? I love the heat and I’ve always wanted to see Greece lol

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Only three days after the anniversary of the ADA being passed...#CancelKinzinger

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If my father led our household, we would’ve been bankrupt long before now. He’s terrible at making decisions and avoids confrontation at all costs. I love the man, and he’s great at leading at work, but not so much at home.

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Thank you, fren! You’re living my dream life it seems. College is by no means a necessity and is often a mistake in today’s world—I’m sorry if it made it seem like I was trying to gloat about that. I wish I’d gone to trade school instead.

I made it out of public school with my morals intact somehow, mostly because of my parents and a few stellar teachers throughout the years. So glad your family found a solid Christian school for your son, and that you’re making things work the way you want them to work!

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I’m not trying to drag them in the mud. What they do is incredible. If it fulfills them, that’s what matters.

My brain goes haywire if it doesn’t have something cognitively challenging to do. I wouldn’t be happy just staying at home.

That’s all I’m saying—that lumping all women into one category and saying that’s their only option and what they SHOULD do is just as ludicrous as mandating everyone get vaccinated.

Nothing in life is one size fits all—aside from accepting Jesus as your savior if you’re Christian. Even then, your relationship with God is yours and yours alone.

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You’re free to make your choices, and I’m free to make mine. Also not trying to make a point that only a college education matters because that’s definitely not true. Trades are far more beneficial and I wish I’d had the option to learn that in high school.

Not all women will do well as mothers. A family friend—may she Rest In Peace—wound up taking in her nephew because he was going to the foster system otherwise. His mother was addicted to multiple substances, as was his father. His father/the foster mom’s brother was coddled and spoiled by their mom. Their dad was incredibly distant. The “smothered” kid wound up terrible—swindling even his own dementia-suffering mom for money in her last months of life. The “black sheep” fought for her nephew while keeping a steady job and raising her own daughters. She left this earth with multiple wonderful mom who are also nurses and teachers.

My grandfather shouldn’t have had children. He was an alcoholic after getting rejected from the priesthood. His family continues to suffer from that fallout. However, the traditional view deems him a solid “man” just because he put food on the table with the money he had left over after booze and taxes. Is that also the woman’s fault for the family’s breakdown?

I may never be able to have children. I may adopt one day, but will only do so if I know I can be financially and emotionally supportive to that child.

If simply being a mother makes you happy? Solid, go for it.

If you can handle both being a mother and being a working woman and that’s what you want? Cool, your choice.

Can’t afford children or have something else going on that you don’t want to subject them to your struggles? Seems responsible not to have them.

This isn’t an argument for abortion, btw, as I’m sure someone will take it that way

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Families are built with strong mothers and fathers. Families where parents share responsibilities are stronger and more resilient.

Placing all of the responsibility on the mother alone leads to more familial destruction in the future.

I’m watching it happen with my own family as my mother feels incredibly disconnected from community and the world as her children grow up. She doesn’t know what to do with herself now that her role—child rearing—no longer exists. She resents my father and my family for leaving her without a place and support system because she spends so much of her life only taking care of us while my dad didn’t do much of anything except earn the money and show up for the big events.

You can be a mother and a breadwinner without being an idiot.

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And your logic submits to the fallacy that I can’t do both.

Also—due to an injury I may never be able to have children of my own. I would never abort them if I am able to do so in the future.

Rather than sit at home and cry about how I can’t have a family while accepting government payouts, I’m choosing to find a career for myself.

Stop seeing the world as black and white. What about the criticisms of all the black mothers and “black criminal fathers” who leave them that I see on this site?

Should they just sit at home, cooking and cleaning and raising their kids? Oh wait, that’s government overreach and you’re “teaching them to be reliant on the system.”

I see raising strong, smart, respectable women who earn their own livelihood as a way to ensure we don’t have single mothers who choose deadbeat dads that require them to live off the government.

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There are mothers out there with alcoholic, abusive husbands that are pulling the weight of both roles because it’s necessary for their children.

There are fathers out there working and taking their kids to school, camp, etc., because their mothers passed away.

There are women who are doctors that care for others during the day and take care of their families at night.

If I’m ever able to have children, you sure as hell better believe I’ll teach my daughters to care for others but be independent. No way I’m letting them get stuck being dependent on a deadbeat husband like my grandfather or on societal handouts.

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Because God gifted me with above average intelligence and a second chance at life when I should’ve died the first time; I can be a smart mom, but I want to also help others through my work.

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Yes, and she hated it. She had multiple jobs here and there that gave her autonomy and some space from the challenges of raising children.

She wouldn’t trade raising two kids for the world, but illness if multiple family members made her give that up, and she misses having something to call her own. Work is good and honorable, it gave her something else to accomplish and call her own.

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College educated woman here raised with traditional family values.

I am all for the great awakening. I will not go back to being expected to simply be a housewife. My mother didn’t raise a a strong, free-thinking woman for her to be shoved back into a kitchen.

Q has stated that patriots are men and women. To divide us is yet another tactic for the systems we are fighting.

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I had hopes he would be as well. Just didn’t happen.

It was an hour long video if memory serves. That’s just the claims I was able to dig up from the recesses of my memory.

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