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I don’t think they’ll announce the VP until the absolute last moment that is legally necessary

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No leaks, remember?

Trump’s VP will be announced on the ballot. I doubt it will be announced according to some random source like this.

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I live near Philadelphia.

I experienced the shitshow of 2020 firsthand.

They absolutely adjust totals based on early voting, because you can only submit an early vote via mail-in ballot here.

I have also seen proof that the Nashville bomber was paid off to destroy that AT&T site because that’s where the vote change data was stored.

You’re not playing devil’s advocate. You are told that the “early voting” ballots are mostly Democrat. That doesn’t mean it’s true. I can tell you none of the absentee ballots I submitted via mail during college were ever counted in PA.

Trump won 2016 because of WH interventions and because we were the SILENT majority until we took to the polls. Early voting isn’t guerrila warfare/keeping them on their toes. It is showing your hand to the enemy and expecting them to play nice.

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Why would you give them advance time to know how many extra ballots to print or votes to shift?

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If they say the extradition is OK, he will only be able to appeal to the ECHR for an emergency injunction.

The UK court could theoretically also free him, apparently, but I doubt that will happen.

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Ironically, while in high school at the ritzy, near-$40,000 a year San Diego Jewish Academy, Greenberg-Call was as staunch Israel advocate, and once reportedly served as president of her high school’s Israel advocacy club.

Do people read articles anymore? Or just post comments without thinking things through first?

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Thyroid issues can be caused by different things for different people.

Going gluten free fixed my antibodies, and helped my levels somewhat.

I know people who have used Young Living’s endoflex essential oil and completely gotten off medication but YMMV.

If the pancreas/diabetes is part of things, it’s a more complex case. she might benefit from seeing a holistic medicine/functional doctor.

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Last I checked we can’t impregnate ourselves without serious financial investment.

Women can be loose. Men can be players. It’s not only women that sleep around.

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I don’t get the arches.

Why are normal architectural elements a sign of Satan?

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Praying for your daughter, her family, you, and all involved.

Cannot believe the county jail time she’s serving doesn’t count toward the sentence, though. Or that they’re blocking her from AA/taking care of her health so this doesn’t happen again.

I’m not for bail reform, but when I hear about things like this, I do believe certain adjustments to the system need to be made.

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I am not saying it’s justified.

The only implication is that Hamas has been known to use people as human shields and would not be above killing innocent Palestinians. That’s it.

I don’t disagree we shouldn’t be funding any of this, especially since we fund both sides.

But it’s naive at best to think either side would never stoop as low as killing people and blaming the other side for it.

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Look up literally anything covering events at Columbia University, Yale, Cornell, and Washington University in St. Louis.

Read more than the headlines.

And then form a coherent, non-strawman thought.

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This is the exact opposite of critical thinking.

The rationale you are presenting is the very moronic drivel I have to overhear on the college campus I visit almost every day that is used to support “the Palestinian freedom movement because Hamas is right.”

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I am not pro-Israel because it was created via the UN.

The Jews that were slaughtered to create Israel were innocent. The reasons to create the state of Israel were not.

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Since when are Hamas the good guys…?

Not mutually exclusive acts of violence.

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Yeah, that’s my issue with both sides of this.

Pro-Israel people can’t believe the IDF would ever lie. Pro-Palestine people weirdly have been convinced Hamas isn’t bad/doesn’t lie/doesn’t commit atrocities.

I almost feel like this conflict is a step back for the awakening rather than a step forward.

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It’s just bonkers.

TUMS is pushing it now. Why??? Why does Taylor Swift factor so heavily into the public influence game?

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Try to take away my right to vote and I’ll do my best to schedule an appointment for you to receive divine intervention. (:

My ancestor did not sign the Declaration of Independence for people incapable of critical thought like yourself to be making the rules. Or, worse, to be asking AI to make conclusions about the world for them.

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