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Spez: 1PM mom just got an epidural, she’s almost fully dilated and most likely he’ll be coming in the next couple of hours. Thanks again for love and support, pedes. Ya’ll are the greatest of the internet.


Thanks frens for all your thoughts and prayers. The advice and stories have made us both feel 100 times better.

She was admitted to a hospital with a level 3 NICU. They were able to hold off her labor for a few days, but regardless as of this morning at 4:30, she’s 6cm dilated and could give birth any time.

We wish he had more time, but our doctors are very optimistic about his survival. If he does survive, he will likely spend the next few months in the NICU.

Spirits are high. God is watching over my family… I know it. Please continue to send prayers. Thank you all. 🙏♥️

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I was born premie at 4lbs 5 oz, and that was in 1958. Care has improved tremendously. God bless your baby with health.

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I was a premie also in ‘68 at 5 lbs. My son almost decided to come at 7 months, I dilated, and had more labor episodes where I kept dilating, but the boy ended up being 10 days later than his due date. My youngest the same thing, except she was born on her due date. The thing is with both of them the doctors would have let me give birth at 7 months because the babies can survive outside the womb.

Praying for Mind the Attitudes baby to come into this world a healthy and strong.