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I just recently got some bacon at Publix for $6, you know one of those buy one get one deals. In Florida you have to buy 2 to get the deal, but in Bama you don’t have to buy 2 to get the sale price. Right now lean ground beef is $4.99 a lb and ball park beef hot dogs are b1g1 free, $6 for 2 packs.

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Our Father, who art in heaven,

hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come,

thy will be done,

on earth, as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us;

and lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.


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Well I can tell you that many years ago when we were driving back home (from Tampa to Tallahassee, Fl) from visiting my mom, we were probably not but about an hour into the drive, I got a dread feeling, got so upset, so much so that I started crying saying we need to go back to moms. Just felt it so strongly. My husband is like "what is wrong?" I said I didn't know just that we have to go back. Even though my husband had to work the next day, he turned around and we went back and we staid the night and drove home next day. He knows if I have a strong feeling of something it's to be listened to because most times something happens. Well later that same day that we turned around, there was a horrible accident on the highway ahead of where we turned around to go back. So could we have been in that accident? Who knows, but I am so grateful my husband didn't blow off my concerns and he turned the car around, called work and said he needed an another day off.

I've had "bad feelings" of something bad happening, sometimes I don't know when or what will happen or to who but there are times I know what will happen. It's usually someone I know or close to me. It's unreal when you have images flash through your head that someone close to me would be in a car accident, but it wouldn't be a bad accident, a fender bender, just enough to get whiplash. Later that day my stepdad had exactly that.

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I heard on my local news that the smallpox vaccine will be used for monkeypox, however it won't keep you from getting monkeypox but is supposed to make symptoms less severe, hmmm... where have we heard that before?

FDA mentioned and linked in my post also.


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I heard on my local news today that the smallpox vaccine will be used for monkeypox, however it won't keep you from getting monkeypox but is supposed to make symptoms less severe, hmmm... where have we heard that before?

I just made a post about this...


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Mr.President can I get you some popcorn sir?

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for us, we truly appreciate all your hard work and the hard work of those around you behind the scenes to bring America back to Glory.

As another anon asked earlier, how long to we need to prep for and how bad will our world get before it gets better? And what we may need in our prepping that’s most important.

It would be absolutely glorious if when your work getting rid of the deep state swamp trash is done, for it to be possible for us Anons to meet you and shake your hand to Thank You for all you’ve done for us.

And of course we’d love to know who Q and team are.

God Bless you, your family and those working behind the scenes! We believe in you!

by Qanaut
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Followed and thanks for the follow Qanaut!

This is my TS handle https://truthsocial.com/@LisaBR

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Eve of Destruction: Klaus Schwab Pledges the World Can Find Salvation at Davos 2022:

Famine, floods, pestilence, drought, plague, war, and rumors of war. These are the key issues facing the world today and the invitation-only World Economic Forum (WEF) next week in Davos, Switzerland, is just the place to find the answers provided by the select globalist elites, founder Klaus Schwab declared Wednesday.

“The return of war, epidemics and the climate crisis, all those disruptive forces have derailed the global recovery,” Schwab, the forum’s executive chairman, told journalists in an almost biblical prognostication ahead of the convention’s start on Sunday.

“Those issues must be confronted in Davos, and the global food crisis in particular needs our immediate attention,” he added in an online briefing, according to the Irish Times.

The return of a 2,500-strong in-person gathering after the coronavirus pandemic comes as the world struggles to meet the challenge presented by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

It all comes down to trusting in the WEF to find the correct outcomes and implement them as instructed, Schwab and his unelected workers submit.

“In a world which is becoming more fragmented, more divided, and where many of the traditional multilateral organisations tend to become dysfunctional, or at least mistrustful, a global platform based on informal, trust-faced and action-oriented co-operation will be ever more relevant, more important than before,” Schwab declared.

More than 50 heads of state and government will attend the meeting next week, including NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, the WEF lists.

All will be flying in for the week at the luxury ski resort before flying home again, just as they have done in the past.

Also scheduled to be there are heads of government including Greece’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, Ivory Coast Prime Minister Patrick Achi, Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Colombia’s President Ivan Duque Marquez and Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame.

Schwab warned anyone who sought to trivialise the event or hijack its key messages, including the often-mentioned Great Reset, will be treated with contempt.

Contrary voices will simply not be tolerated.

“The atmosphere in which Davos takes place will be welcoming. But it is also of utmost seriousness,” he confided. “So, there’s no place for the frivolous fringe that seeks to distract and divert attention.

“And I condemn it wholeheartedly, particularly of those who have nothing to do with the World Economic Forum, community, and just come to Davos to hijack our brand.”

John Kerry, U.S. special presidential envoy for climate, will be in Davos along with 17 environment ministers. Alok Sharma, president of Cop26, is also scheduled to participate.

Forty-three finance ministers and 27 trade and commerce ministers will also attend.

Kristalina Georgieva, IMF managing director, European Central Bank president Christine Lagarde and director general of the World Trade Organisation Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala are also scheduled to be there.

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The post about the end of the Fed Reserve and about May being the time to prepare had me wondering, how do you prep for if it collapses? Is there a good website or videos that y’all look to for this advice?

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The cremation place that did our sweet pups said they go to the vets office in their truck/van and pick up each pet. We had large breed dogs weighing well over 100 lbs, and the guy at the cremation place says they’d rather get the large pets before they are put in the freezer because it’s harder for them to pick up and move them. But of course there are times when it’s not possible being the time of day the pet is put to sleep.

What I don’t understand is why bring them from Mexico across the border to be cremated? They have no cremation services in Mexico?

Besides a comment under that post someone said they were taking the animals to Rana Lab. I couldn’t find a website for this lab but there are other websites that tell you some of that labs information.

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Why else would the dems want all the illegals to flood in besides cheap labor? It’s for votes that they can get, heck I wouldn’t put it past them to tell these illegals that to enter they have to promise to vote for dems in every election, or take their names and vote for them.

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Nah, he’s too busy meeting US politicians & Jill to be out playing soldier for the media.

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Wonder if that is what the DS is trying to do to us here in the US with the food & formula shortages?

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Yeah i came across him the other day, his video commentary is hilarious!

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Ok I think I'm following everyone up to now. So glad we are on TS together!

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