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Who’s cutting onions in here?

My husband cried too, just no one took video or pictures of it. But that was when we didn’t have cell phones or thought to bring a camera to the hospital. He was only home to see one (our youngest) born, and what a mess he was during the birth, lol. He couldn’t sit still, thank goodness my mom and grandmother was there. Mom was with me in the deliver room for all 3 of our babies. Husband was in the military so was away and couldn’t come home for the other 2 births. Oh come to think of it, my mom did bring a video camera to the birth of our youngest, but I think she only videoed the birth, our kids don’t exactly want to see the video, even the child that was being born, lol. I need to find that video and watch it, maybe make our child watch it also.

Edit to add, our “child” I was referring to is now 25 yrs old. No matter their age they are always our babies/children.

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Thanks for the advice!

Yeah, close to beaches but unfortunately my dad gave me some of his genes from England, lol. I’m so white I burn easy. I look more like my mom, the only thing I didn’t get from her was her Italian skin color. I married an Hispanic guy who gets darker during the summer from the sun. I bet people look at us and think “why the heck did he marry such a white lady”? Lol Even my scalp gets burned, ugh. After recently getting sunburned from helping my friend with her yard sale for 2 days, my daughter (all our kids just tan thank goodness) bought me a 100 spf spray on sunscreen. She thought it was funny. My husband being from an island (PR) hides in the shade, stays out of the sun as much as possible. So we aren’t big beach goers. Funny because we were both raised near beaches and learned to swim at the beach.

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I’m in south side of Alabama, even though we are both in the south, we are still more than a days drive away probably. We got some lemon & lime trees in pots since last year and barely made it through the winter, trying to get my husband to put them in the ground but he doesn’t really want to. I told him either we put them in the ground or we have to get much much bigger pots, they can’t grow or do well in the pots we put them in last year.

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That's awesome Joy! Wish we lived near each other.

My friend's lemon trees haven't produced anything since the last bad frost we had here, because it was a few days together, they haven't been good since. And they produced sooo many lemons. We live in the south and the long frost about killed the trees.

I wish I had the green thumb you and my friend have, everything just grows for her, she says she does nothing special. It's a work in progress for me, lol. I really just started trying my hand at gardening maybe 2 yrs ago, just need to keep trying.

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Thank you for sharing this with us JohnTitor!

Do you by any chance have any good remedies for blood pressure or acid reflux?

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No kidding! Every time I say damn, he's getting bad, he's an embarrassment to our Country, then he does more dumb shit that all I can do is shake my head and think how much more do these brainwashed idiots need to see before they wake up?

I mean he yelled 'Oh" and jumped at the podium, like wth was that? 😳


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I'm not on PDW or twitter, so I didn't see it until now.

Not only that, for the last few hours I've been out picking home grown blueberries & plums at a friend's property, then doing some planting of some things of my own. Pretty soon I'll be helping my friend pick some peaches. I tell ya, the fruit fresh from the trees are so good and sweet.

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When I saw this was happening at pharmacies, I went to my grocery store pharmacy and asked if I had a prescription for ivermectin would they fill the prescription (mind you I'm in a very red southern state)... the pharmacist (who can be a bitch at times) said "I would never take ivermectin"... I said, would you fill the prescription? She said, "yes but I would never take ivermectin". I never asked her for her opinion or what she wouldn't do, I asked if she would fill it. I said, thank you and walked away. I really pissed her off that day. I only wish I had a prescription for it at that time to hand to her to really piss her off, lol.

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Have a feeling that many of these doctors who had their licenses pulled because they looked to deep at things that big pharma doesn't like or because they give their patients good care without pushing vaxxes or meds on them... will be still working and getting paid under the table. Heck I would pay a doctor like him under the table, the only thing is he couldn't write prescriptions which is fine, he needs to look into other alternatives to healing, like herbal remedies. He could say he's "giving advice" not doctoring.

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That was awesome!

Actually, she sounded more Scottish to me.

And would only take a card not her cash. Bloody Hell! 😂🤣😂🤣

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Public Service Announcement on May 10, 2024:

Foreign Terrorist Organizations and their Supporters Likely Heighten Threat Environment during 2024 Pride Month


Article by Gateway Pundit -

Biden FBI issues terror alert warning of Islamic attack on U.S. ‘Pride Month’ events without mentioning Islam


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Yeah, 81 million votes my a$$. He can't even fill a quarter of a room, meanwhile Trump gets thousands of supporters at his rallies that they can't fit them all in the venue.

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Did a post yesterday with Trump's post on TS, with some q drops about the 25th Amendment...

WOW! I just came out of the Biden Witch Hunt Trial...and was shown Reports that Crooked Joe Biden’s DOJ, in their Illegal and UnConstitutional Raid of Mar-a-Lago, AUTHORIZED THE FBI TO USE DEADLY (LETHAL) FORCE...HE IS MENTALLY UNFIT TO HOLD OFFICE — 25TH AMENDMENT! - Qdrops 2729 & 2731


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Usnea is a natural antibiotic. It has helped me with uti's and sinus infections. I made a tincture with it and also have made tea. I have used it on wounds or acne with good results.

Here's an article on the benefits of Unsea, but you can look it up and find many articles about it.

Usnea Benefits for the Kidneys, Immunity, Respiratory System & More


I haven't used mine yet (didn't make it, bought from someone) but Green Black Walnut Hull (tincture) is like a natural Ivermectin.

Black Walnut Fights Parasites, Heart Disease, Fungi and More


Elderberry (tincture) is good for colds, flu, sinuses, pneumonia & bronchitis

Elderberry Benefits for Colds, Flus, Allergies and More


Echinacea is another good one for colds and other things.

9 Echinacea Benefits and Uses — from Colds to Cancer


I've done a post about some herbal remedies a while ago (maybe a year ago), maybe I should do another one soon, like just do a list of herbs I find with their benefits along with a link. Others can add to it in comments.

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