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Spez: 1PM mom just got an epidural, she’s almost fully dilated and most likely he’ll be coming in the next couple of hours. Thanks again for love and support, pedes. Ya’ll are the greatest of the internet.


Thanks frens for all your thoughts and prayers. The advice and stories have made us both feel 100 times better.

She was admitted to a hospital with a level 3 NICU. They were able to hold off her labor for a few days, but regardless as of this morning at 4:30, she’s 6cm dilated and could give birth any time.

We wish he had more time, but our doctors are very optimistic about his survival. If he does survive, he will likely spend the next few months in the NICU.

Spirits are high. God is watching over my family… I know it. Please continue to send prayers. Thank you all. 🙏♥️

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I had a similar experience with an early birth and NICU stay. Trust doctors but advocate for yourself and your child. Wheel your wife into the NICU to breast feed, every feeding you can make it to. Ask for (demand) that someone from lactation be there to help. Both baby and mom need the support and need to be taught to breast feed. There is no substitute.

I wish you the best. Stick with it. Even if it takes months. It doesn't matter. My child is the greatest gift God could ever give me.

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Or if baby doesn’t have a strong enough suck reflex yet, encourage your wife to pump so baby still gets her milk. It’s so important for him, especially since he’s early. My granddaughter wasn’t early but was in NICU for 5 days and they encouraged Mom to both pump and breast feed her. Established a great milk supply for later on and they had a very successful lactation “partnership”, Momma and baby.

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Pumping also helps because you can leave your bottles at the NICU for any feedings you miss.