They are dying 👀 EYES ON! 👀
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Hello everyone, I just returned from a beautiful Summer vacation. However, the news at work is not good. I found out two more people have passed from SADS at work. This is now in my personal orbit that the vaxxed are dying. Now i know why my employer is hiring like crazy. They have been hiring indiscriminately for months now. And i believe they knew what was coming. The vaxxed are dying now...

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I am on the fence about it. I tried to talk my parents and wife out of it but only succeeded in making things uncomfortable. I am a hard pass on vaxxing the kids but this has been a tough nut in my relationship with my wife. I'm thinking of trying to talk my uncle out of boosters, with the latest info suggesting boosters increase severe outcomes from the latest variants. Also his daughters best friend just died suddenly from unknown causes at 39... So it's starting to stare him in the face.

But it's understandable that people would have trouble coming to the realization that they poisoned themselves with they blessing of the government.