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MatildaJ 12 points ago +12 / -0

That family picture says it all. The kid Masked up and compliant. This is typical of Nazi Germany. We read history where sons/daughters turned in parents to the Gestapo. Same tactics in any Fascist country you read about in history. These kids are lost. This same mentality produced the mind of Soros that had no qualms of dobbing in his Jewish family as he was rewarded in going thru their clothes and belongings after those were sent to the gas chamber. And it’s the SAME mentality where people worldwide today believe that Putin is the aggressor.

I watched a forum with two Professors, as well as someone that lives in Ukraine and another in Spain. The Professor was a nuclear specialist. He said that at the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Russia was losing badly and the evidence of this was the rows of tanks lined up just ‘doing nothing’. He said the Russian casualties were high. The person living in Ukraine asked him to explain. He parroted what he had heard on the leftist media. Then he had to listen and was confronted with the TRUTH. If the Russian casualties were high, where was the field hospitals? If the lines of tanks were never fired upon, why was that? It was explained that while Russia entered the war around 24 Feb, the fighting was done in the Donbas with the DPR and LPR Militias, not the Russians. This May have included Chechen fighters too, but Russia was cutting off the incoming fleeing Ukrainian military with their line of tanks. He had to sit there and listen as his wrong information was torn to strips. He finally accepted he was given wrong information. So here was a nuclear Professor with no idea what was going on in Ukraine. How many more learned people like him are there??? Brainwashed.

pcpoet 6 points ago +6 / -0

A big problem with the left is highly educated individual in their particular field believing that their education makes them competent to comment outside there area of expertise with the same certainty as commenting about areas they are educated in..... how many biologists think their knowledge of biology allows them to comment on climate as an expert in the world's whether patterns