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Many of us saw this a good year ago when VAXing your child was a priority for leftist parents. This video still haunts us. For those of you that have recently woken to this nightmare- this is just ONE that the media and doctors ignore. This child was 12 when her parents decided ‘for mankind’ to get her vaxxed. There are many, many more. The babies sacrificed again up to Moloch are the hardest to watch. Every parent wishing to sacrifice their children needs to watch this!


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No different to Obamas’girls’ or the Sussex’s. Or Justice Roberts. Kids are traded like objects.

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As I don’t have an account, all I do is search his name (and others) under his name - Ezra A. Cohen.

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Thanks for your great reply! I’m sure many Patriots had cried hot tears - me being one. The delay is dreadful and every single day perhaps hundreds of children worldwide are at the mercy of these subhumans that delight in torture and murder of little ones! I too hope there is a pivot to justice soon because there is NOTHING left if this global agenda is not reversed. Certainly we must be ‘as in the days of Noah’ but without hope the people perish. We must have hope! At the end of the day we can stand before God and say ‘we fought for the little children’. If nothing else. We have alerted family and friends to this evil and one day we will be vindicated. All of us one day must stand before God, including 45, and give an account. I just hope we have done enough. This battle belongs to The Lord and all we have left now is prayer. I don’t know the future but God does but in the meantime what a privilege it has been to talk and discuss topics with a wonderful bunch of people, like yourself! We are family - The Great Awakening Family. God Bless and stay safe!

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You need to get your head around DEPT OF DEFENCE LAW OF WAR MANUAL and fast. It’s a big read, but if you go to chapter 11.2 and 11.3 and start there, it will help. It will lift you up and WILL give you hope. Under the GENEVA CONVENTION nothing could be done until 20 Jan. 2022. We are at war and have been since a BELLIGERENT OCCUPIER took up residency in DC. Search this board for a break down. As for USD, if you followed Q you would know that soon GOLD will DESTROY the Fed. Even crypto to survive will need to be backed by precious metals. There is hope my fren. Sometimes you cannot tell the people, you have to SHOW them. All you can do for yourself and loved ones is to prepare asap. Get a supply of staples, including rice, beans, water, fuel, meds, etc. IF the Military arrive in your area, DO NOT engage them. Stay inside. Your family need you with them, not in some compound waiting to be processed. And for those screaming why isn’t it happening, the 20th marked a turning point. Listen to the likes of Dan and come here often. In fact DAILY. There is a reason why Nancy put blast walls up at the Capitol and they are scared. They know it’s coming but Military timing is everything. God Bless.

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Already have a stock of Potassium Iodide - which reminds me I must check the use by date. Wonder if you’ve been jabbed will these have a reaction?

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Thanks! Many on Telegram that claim they are XYZ and I was just asking if anyone thought it was him. There was one acct. under his name but after the BELLIGERENT OCCUPIER took up residency, that acct. went to Ezra A Cohen.

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I agree. Considering where he was before Biden, I wouldn’t be surprised is that he’s with the Military atm. Brilliant mind.

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What do you think? I have no idea how Telegram works, but I believe it may be Ezra Cohen-Watnick after his acct. was ‘taken’. I like to read posts by certain people, just to keep abreast of what is being discussed. We are told to research and that includes posts that could be fake. Someone once said ‘how do bank tellers spot a fake bill’. They handle money all day long and get familiar with the real stuff’. We are at war and we must try and recognise what is fake or real. What if he is trying to tell us to prepare? Q does tell us there will be a ‘sky event’.

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No! If the public were told that 45 and the Military were responsible for doing this to humanity, ALL the posts from Q would be negated. Both the Military and 45 would be regarded as tyrants and there would be no way back for humanity.

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Can you see any prison ships? Most of the time this area is blanked out. Good find!

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Epstein is a name associated with those that KNOWINGLY went to Epstein Island. Why? Anons were told years ago that they were being blackmailed. MOST politicians. MOST CEOs of companies that scream the loudest. MOST of Hollywood. MOST of the media. MANY Sportspersons. MOST singers that have ‘made it big’. Royalty - Guarded until now, but MANY royals have been involved in horrific crimes. ALL The Illuminati (bloodlines). Bit by bit they have been investigated (sealed indictments) and have been booked-marked for a later date. But those involved know they could be arrested at any moment. Many have not been heard of for quite a while. ie, Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres etc. and Sean Penn is in Australia atm. Sean Penn worked with Bill & Hillary Clinton in Haiti and who are not allowed back in the country. But That’s another story for another day.

1884 Aug 15, 2018 2:52:15 PM EDT

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 000000 No. 156














❗️❗️NOTE TO ANONS!!! In my notes alongside this Q post - I had written - Now. Look at the map of those “pending”. The BLUE circle is the SUEZ CANAL. ❗️❗️ I had no idea how to access 8Chan/8Kun but would be interesting to see what that meant especially seeing what happened AFTER that post with EVERGREEN.

We have no idea regarding the ME, but I believe Saudi Arabia has also been closed. Q is talking about CHILD sex trafficking and other sadistic reasons I won’t go into.

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Hubby and I were just talking about that. Take eggs. A truckie drives into the loading area, opens the back door on his rig. Stands aside while the guy from the egg farm loads pallets of eggs. The processing line is mainly automated these days - maybe not. The eggs are collected - not sure if this automated, but I would imagine it is. They are washed, dried, placed in labeled cartons and palletted. Surely you wouldn’t close a whole factory down over say 5 people. Maybe I’m being too simplistic?? Something is not adding up. It’s definitely planned.

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Here in Australia our main food stores have shortage on ALL MEAT, some fresh food like fruit and veg, but it’s funny you mention cat food. Same here. Around a month ago when her fav. started to wane on the shelves, I jumped online and bought up from a bulk supplier. I’m not sure how the processing works, but does that mean they are not killing chicken and livestock? As far as I know, it only takes 1 Truckie to drive so it must be at the processing end.

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There is a precedent- the Nuremberg Trials. Doctors and Nurses involved in those horrific experiments etc., used that excuse - I was only following orders - were charged - and found guilty. They were hung in groups of 10.

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The child being held down and forcibly jabbed while the Police were stopping the Father intervening. This was in a hospital and the girl was around 12. Two nurses held her down, one straddled her. The distressing part was the child crawling on all fours while a nurse held her by her jumper, and she tried to flee back to her father. The father lost a court case against a feminista mother to get THEIR child jabbed. Absolutely horrifying.

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