Vax claimed my wifes mother 🧘Mental/Physical Health 🏋🏼‍♂️
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My mother in law was like almost 80 years old. She was in good health for the most part and was being followed by doctors who said she was fine. She had not taken the death shot 'vax'.

Well she used one of those walker things and the wheel jammed or something and she fell. She was brought to the hospital and they kept her in for a few days for observation, and sent her home as she was bruised but otherwise ok. While she was in the hospital they frightened her into taking the gene therapy death shot.

She was home like two days and had a heart attack, then her kidneys gave out. But it was not the 'safe and effective vax' oh no it was some random heart failure and kidney failure. The doctors are now ducking the family when they try and ask questions. Cant have people connecting dots can we.

Thats three people now that I know were killed by the vax, but their official cause of death never mentioned the shots as per the narrative. Crimes against humanity.

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Me, 17 vaxxed out of 21 people I know that have died since the last week of August 2021. Each one was UNNECESSARY, dammit. Each one is missed. Some were in their 40s, a lot in their 50s. These are truly evil creatures doing this.

Blessings and hugs to you and your family.

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If you were vaxed. Take the supplements and ivermectin once a week. And hope to hell it helps.

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Hubby, mum and I are pure-blood. I make HclQ and give it to those I know that are trying to awaken. I tell everyone what to do, but it is a lost cause for a lot, though.

I hope it helps, too. Blessings.