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Someone has gone through his social media and found photos of underage girls at his 'game nights'.

Havent had time to dive into this too much. But Isaac Kappy and Seth Green were both regulars at these parties. You can see them both in all the photos.

Article and photos here:

An internet-sleuthing writer claims comedian Dane Cook regularly invited girls as young as 14 to 'game nights' at his home, with his new fiancée Kelsi Taylor appearing at one of them aged just 17.

Cook, 50, who this month became engaged to Taylor, 23, has previously said the pair met at one of the 'game night' parties he regularly hosts at his Los Angeles home.

Writer Tracie Egan Morrissey took to Instagram to point out that in 2016 Cook posted a photo from one of his game night parties with Taylor in it, suggesting she was 17-years-old at the time.

Cook - a prolific Instagram user with 741,000 followers - says he did not get into a romance with Taylor until she was 18.

In a lengthy Instagram story, Morrissey detailed how a dig through Cook's social media to look at photos from his game nights found a number of photos revealed underage girls - one said to be as young as 14 - regularly attended the parties.

They were also filled with far older men, many of whom appeared to be middle-aged.


Then there is this old pizza related tweet from Dane Cook. The girl in this photo with Dane is actress Saxon Paige Sharbino. She was 16yrs old at the time.

Last night @SaxonPaigeSharbino kiilled people & made this face. Next week I will have my vengeance, or at least a slice of pizza.


Brief info on Isaac Kappy:

Isaac Kappy was a hollywood actor that accused Seth Green (among others) of being a pedo. He talked about the great awakening and apologized to Q in his final postings, before allegedly killing himself.

More info on Kappy accusing Green here:

Kappy was reportedly being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department for threatening Paris Jackson , and other celebrities.


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we are all sinners and the only way kappy would have gotten close enough to know what he knew was to on some level partake in what the others were doing. it could be that he did not look too hard at the age of the girls he was around. big difference between someone fooling around with a 17-year-old and someone going after a 13-year-old but in most states both are illegal. to get close to those abusing on some level they have to see you as an abuser or capable of being an abuser my bet is that because Kappy did not look too hard at the age of the girls and they saw him as being ok with the real bad shit . Kappy freaked out when they introduced him to a lifestyle he was not into. Before all the Pizza gate stuff was kicked off of social media platforms I viewed and read just about everything and Isacc kappy pretty much told everyone that his intro to satanism and pedophilia in both Hollywood and the music industry happened this way.