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Not sure if this is related to the Project Veritas thing, but an ex FB employee just turned whistle blower.

Facebook ‘tearing our societies apart’

Haugen, a former Facebook employee who had joined the company to help it combat misinformation, says the tech firm prioritised profit over safety and was “tearing our societies apart”.

Haugen will testify in Washington on Tuesday, as political pressure builds on Facebook

She accused Facebook of endangering public safety by reversing changes to its algorithm once the 2020 presidential election was over, allowing misinformation to spread on the platform again. “And as soon as the election was over, they turned them [the safety systems] back off or they changed the settings back to what they were before, to prioritise growth over safety. And that really feels like a betrayal of democracy to me.”


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There is similarities in the two names.

Evergrande is "Heng Da" in Chinese.

Heng = forever, eternity Da = big, grand

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Well then play with your phone. Don't be surprised when people throw popcorn at you.

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We are currently in the eye of the storm.

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Miles Guo predicted the Evergrande collapse 4 years ago.

He is a billionaire friend of Trump and Steve Bannon (he was a member of Mar-a-lago). He fled China and now lives in the US.

He's the founder of GNEWS. The website that leaked the Hunter Biden laptop vids. It's all connected.

Superstonk dug up this video weeks ago:


Wikipedia on Miles Guo: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guo_Wengui

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Remember Hubbard failed to lift, and didnt even medal in this years Olympics.

Meanwhile, based Russia calls out this freak as a "psycopath".

Russian state TV has attacked labelled transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard a 'psychopath'

MP Alexei Zhuravlyov also pointed at a screen showing Kiwi trans athlete Hubbard, referring to her participation as 'smut and perversion.'

'I do not think transgender people have any prospects in Russia, because they love men, while Russian men love women,' said Spiridon Kilinkarov, a former member of the Ukrainian parliament.

MP Pyotr Tolstoy told the host that the inclusion of LGBT athletes was part of a Western ploy to 'implant their agenda of equal rights, additional rights for LGBT, transgender people and other perverts into the Olympic movement.'


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Transhumanism also goes hand in hand with Eugenics. Bill Gates and Ghislane Maxwell both had fathers that were pioneers and financers of Eugenics research.

Critics of transhumanism have compared the philosophy to eugenics, the discredited and ill-used belief that controlled breeding could improve the human race. Alan M. Dershowitz, a professor emeritus of law at Harvard, told the Times that conversations Epstein initiated with him called to mind the Nazis’ use of eugenics as justification for genocide. (Dershowitz, nonetheless, represented Epstein in court preceding his 2008 conviction on charges of soliciting prostitution from a minor.)


With the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, British Socialite and handler of Jeffrey Epstein, many connections with the Maxwell Family have come to light. The connection to the Djerassi family confirms their interest in Eugenics, Human Experimentation and Artificial Intelligence.


Bill Gates’ father, William H. Gates, Sr., was a prominent banker and a lawyer in Preston Gates & Ellis. He also presided over many bar associations, organisation boards and started the Technology Alliance.

Gates Sr. served on the board of Planned Parenthood (PP) during the group’s infancy — a re-branded organisation birthed out of the American Eugenics Society.

Make no mistake: Planned Parenthood was built on population control schemes — allied with the same groups who wanted genetic hierarchy laws to ‘preserve’ humanity and who sought to ‘beautify’ countries by stopping the “unfit” from reproducing.


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No its not just cyborgs. Its about changing humans into something else via genetic engineering. "

"Dude is just sticking his tongue in her mouth...blah blah." Maybe you are due for an eyesight test?

Did you know Epstein was a transhumanist and funded many people doing "research" in the science and medical industries including Bill Gates?

A recent New York Times story revealed that Jeffrey Epstein, alleged sex trafficker and megarich financier, has long held beliefs in transhumanism, defined by the Times as “the science of improving the human population through technologies like genetic engineering.”


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Maybe this is setting the stage for them to memory hole this whole thing and avoid lawsuits/lynching.

I believe Covid has always been the common cold/flu. Just a severe strain at most. There have been very bad flu strains in the past, and the elderly were always at high risk every time.

The rest was all smoke and mirrors by the New World Order gang writing blank cheques furiously for the past couple years.

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I know the article has a lot of words, but try and keep up.

Hint: There are two different people being quoted in the article. And only one of them is the internationally renowned creator of the Oxford vaccine whose speech normies will have a hard time ignoring when the next variant comes.

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Her (Dame Sarah) comments come as Professor Chris Whitty warned that almost all unvaccinated children will become infected with Covid at some point in the future and around half of youngsters have already caught the virus.

Two different people. The article is attempting damage control on her highly credentialed speech.

Dame Sarah is the creator of the Oxford vaccine.

Chris Whitty is some propaganda mouthpiece failing to realize that the 50% of children he says already caught it have already recovered without the jab. Just like the common cold.

Edit: This damage control statement makes absolutely no sense and many parents will agree. Many parents that have been vaxxed are drawing the line at their kids getting it.

Redpill away. Tell them to check the comments.

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Here's the vaxx poster she was tearing down. What the actual degenerate transhumanist fuck is this supposed to represent?


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Superstonk has been preparing for reddit to go down during MOASS. Maybe they arent thinking big enough

Just make sure you can physically call your broker and sell over the phone if needed.

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