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What does the hand sign in OPs image mean?

Trump does this same 'diamond hands' or 'upside down pyramid' thing all the time.

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Remember when Musk posted the photo of his bedside table? The strange looking bronze item on the table was a Vajra. The symbolism of this item hasnt been discussed enough.

'The Vajra (Dorje) is used to overcome an 'external or internal obstacle'.

'The vajra cleaves through ignorance' https://www.britannica.com/topic/vajra

It also has 'Storm' connotations.

In Sanskrit, vajra means both 'thunderbolt' and 'diamond.' This device goes back to over 30,000 years from the Vedic and Sumerian cultures. 


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Im still waiting for Elongate to trend

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AJ wasnt talking about Epstein 15- 20 years ago. You just made that up.

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Feels like a good place to leave this. The Bee team doing a good honest interview with Elon Musk in Dec 2021:

RED ALERT: this is not a joke. Elon Musk sat down with Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon, EIC Kyle Mann, and Creative Director Ethan Nicolle for an in-depth interview on wokeness, Elizabeth Warren, taxing the rich, the Metaverse, which superhero Elon would be, and how the left is killing comedy.


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I was there before Q setup QRV which had anonymized names which meant shills were not able to have "prolific accounts". Why would you remember that shit anyway?

btw you use commas in all the wrong places. On both your accounts.

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Ok it was just a 'yelling at clouds' comment then.

If Musk was supplying account details and IP addresses to LEOs he probably wouldn't post about it on twitter for a multitude of reasons.

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In the last 2 minutes of the interview he tells a story about how he was dumped by a girl because he was too nice to her.

OP didnt even watch the video.


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OP hasnt even watched the video and cant provide timestamps for the mention of 'being a fag' or "CIA parents".

Change my mind.

Edit: I skimmed through it and he tells a story about how he was dumped by a girl because he was too nice to her.


OP definitely didnt watch the video.

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Of course US has to say that it will always defend its allies. Otherwise whats the point of being their ally?

Lets try an apply your logic to North Korea. They have nothing but negative MSM coverage, so they must not a deepstate stronghold? Do you realize everything is changing?

The Deepstate has had their claws in all political systems in every country for longer than 100 years.

q192 doesnt even mention Taiwan.

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When was you last time you heard negative media coverage on Tonga, Liechtenstein, and Sierra Leone?

I always thought we didnt hear negative media stories about those countries because they were just minding their own business being peaceful quiet hoilday destinations.

But according to your logic they must also be Deepstate clown strongholds?

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Trump didnt re-truth this. It's just a random meme that defies all laws of domino physics.

Post Title just makes it sound like Trump re-truthed it, and most people in comments here assume he did.

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It sounds like his tweets are being less suppressed then before.


There are probably many layers of overlapping algorithms.

Musk tweeted something about the algos will always exist in some form. This is to stop scams and other illegal stuff from going viral. But he said they should never be used for political reasons etc (paraphrasing).

So hes not just going to just disable the algos outright. Give it time. Perhaps he is focusing on the political shadow bans first...and RC doesn't do political tweets.

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It's a hint that it wasn't a priority for twitter before.

Especially if you consider the tweet he is replying to.

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No some of the fancy formatting makes posts unreadable on all phones.

It's an issue with the website, not your browser.

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